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Angelina’s words of wisdom

In a latest interview, Angelina Jolie reveals the advice she has for her daughters.

10 Feb 2018 12:23 AM

Sexual crimes in neighbourhood may harm women's mental health

Feelings about the frequency of rape or other forms of sexual assault in a neighbourhood are significantly tied to women's.

15 Jan 2018 6:40 PM

Russian woman raped with ‘broken tree branch’ dies after 2 yrs

The gruesome attack led to multiple-organ failure and a heart attack jolting Barmina into a year long coma.

31 Dec 2017 1:05 PM

Alcohol makes men more likely to objectify women: study

This may inform primary prevention programs to reduce the continuum of sexual violence that women disproportionately experience.

24 Dec 2017 12:48 PM

Domestic violence turns women off masculine men: Study

Women who are afraid of violence within partnerships prefer to date less masculine men, researchers say.

26 Nov 2017 8:00 PM


Atrocities against Rohingyas may be war crimes: UN envoy

She said that the widespread use of sexual violence “was clearly a driver and push factor” for more than 620,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar.

24 Nov 2017 12:54 AM

Sexual abuse pervasive in Islamic schools in Pakistan

In a culture where clerics are powerful and sexual abuse is a taboo subject, it is seldom discussed or even acknowledged in public.

21 Nov 2017 6:31 PM

Now is the time to go public against predators

Government data says that 99 per cent victims of sexual violence in India do not report the crime to the police.

19 Nov 2017 5:30 AM

Delhi is world's worst megacity for sexual violence against women: survey

Delhi has been paired with Brazil's Sao Paulo in the poll, which lists the cities where women fear the risk of sexual violence.

16 Oct 2017 11:11 AM

Judicial decisions against women’s rights showcase the need for women in national governance

Men are not being persecuted. And the fact that national institutions are supporting this narrative should be deeply disturbing to all.

09 Oct 2017 1:22 AM


Making the city safer

The launch will see two mobile applications, Safety Global Application and Saahas in the limelight.

19 Sep 2017 12:16 AM

Failing our children

Sexual violence amongst children is notoriously difficult to measure.

18 Sep 2017 2:02 AM

Slut-shaming is not funny, says Celina Jaitly

Trolls had a field day at her expense. But Celina remains unfazed.

12 Sep 2017 12:15 AM

Delhi police to study causes of rising rapes

Sources said that in order to check increasing cases of rapes and sexual violence drastic measures were required to be undertaken by the Delhi police.

15 Jul 2017 4:12 AM

Kashmir, through its women

Independent journalist and author Freny Manecksha, looks at the war torn Valley of Kashmir through the lens of gender.

31 May 2017 12:31 AM


Movies to clean up society

A new line-up of movies promise to talk about heretofore taboo topics like menstruation and sanitation.

25 May 2017 12:30 AM

UN: India urges nations to act for victims of sexual crimes in conflict areas

In 2007, India deployed the first ever all-women formed police unit for peacekeeping with the UN Mission in Liberia.

16 May 2017 2:38 PM

Priyanka dismayed by child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe

I am from India and I have seen wealth and poverty live together all my life, says Priyanka Chopra.

08 May 2017 5:38 AM

David Schwimmer releases video campaign about sexual harassment

It shows how this issue affects women from all walks of life and age.

06 Apr 2017 4:39 PM

Is feminism the new ‘F’ word?

People often tend to confuse feminism with male bashing but that isn’t true. Anything that talks about equal gender rights is feminism.

18 Jan 2017 12:11 AM