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Seattle protests

Portland sees relative peace as feds withdraw

Federal agents deployed in Portland withdrew under a deal between Oregon’s governor and US officials to end escalating violence

01 Aug 2020 11:01 AM

Federal agents ordered to pull back from Portland

US President Trump sent agents to Portland earlier this month as protests against racial injustice increasingly targeted federal property

30 Jul 2020 12:39 PM

Protesters clash with Seattle police over feds deployment

The latest episode of violence came after police and federal agents fired tear gas and forcefully dispersed protesters in Portland yesterday

26 Jul 2020 1:19 PM

Man drives car into protesting crowd in Seattle, shoots bystander

The suspect was seen in the video exiting his car as protesters began to surround it

08 Jun 2020 3:34 PM

Medical workers lead Seattle's protests against police brutality

‘Police violence and racism are a public health emergency’, read the signs as thousands of doctors, nurses marched on

07 Jun 2020 9:25 AM