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RS Sharma

I still believe Aadhaar disclosure does not raise digital risks: RS Sharma

Sharma also said the recent Supreme Court judgement on Aadhaar has firmly settled the debate around issues such as privacy.

12 Oct 2018 12:31 PM

Trai defends Rs 492 cr/Mhz price for 5G spectrum

Trai believes the reserve price of Rs 492 crore per Mhz of 5G radiowave is competitive enough.

08 Oct 2018 11:08 AM

UIDAI plans public outreach on do's, don'ts of sharing ID number

UIDAI intends to equate Aadhaar number with other personal information to caution users against placing their details in public domain.

12 Aug 2018 6:38 PM

TRAI chief, who threw Aadhaar challenge on Twitter, gets 2-year extension

Sharma disclosed his Aadhaar number on Twitter and challenged everyone to show how revealing unique number could harm him.

09 Aug 2018 5:48 PM

Disclosure of Aadhaar number doesn't increase digital vulnerability: TRAI Chief

TRAI chief was quick to add that intention behind disclosure of his 12-digit number was never to abet others disclose their Aadhaar numbers.

07 Aug 2018 4:19 PM


The Aadhaar Challenge

In an India where every government document had to be attested by a gazetted officer, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme.

05 Aug 2018 6:29 AM

Trai views on spectrum auction this week, says RS Sharma

The government is planning to hold the largest-ever spectrum auction of 3,000 MHz radiowaves in the next round of sale.

31 Jul 2018 7:08 PM

Dare goes wrong? Man deposits Re 1 in TRAI chief’s account over Aadhaar challenge

The Twitter user also claimed that Re 1 transaction revealed that R S Sharma’s Aadhaar is mapped to an account in Bank of India.

30 Jul 2018 3:55 PM

Trai chief’s personal info not from Aadhaar database: UIDAI

‘Hacked info on Sharma’s details there in public domain’.

30 Jul 2018 1:21 AM

Personal details of TRAI chief not hacked from Aadhaar database: UIDAI

TRAI chief on Saturday shared his Aadhaar number publicly, daring anyone to show how mere knowledge of number can be misused to harm him.

29 Jul 2018 7:31 PM


After TRAI chief's Aadhaar dare, hacker busts Sharma's safety claim

A French hacker posted what he said was Sharma’s 'personal address, phone number and his alternate phone number'.

29 Jul 2018 5:20 AM

Apps should collect minimal data like Aadhar: TRAI chief

Some apps are ridiculously collecting more-than-required data and the customers are unaware of what is being done with it, RS Sharma said.

18 Jul 2018 11:05 AM

India can make most of 5G technology: Trai chief

5G involves use of technology in areas not traditionally connected with communication system.

01 Mar 2017 5:25 PM