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Reinforcing ties with Kabul

India also made clear that besides fighting terrorism, it sought an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled negotiated peace settlement.

26 Oct 2017 1:56 AM

Tillerson meets Modi, Swaraj, ensures help to boost India's military capability

Modi and US Secretary of State discussed ways to step up cooperation to combat terrorism in all its forms.

25 Oct 2017 9:28 PM

Eradicate terrorists within your country: Tillerson's blunt message to Pak

Tillerson arrived on a whirlwind visit to reset bilateral ties strained Trump accused Pak of providing safe havens to terror groups.

25 Oct 2017 8:44 AM

Committed to 'war on terror': Pak PM Abbasi to Tillerson

During a short part of the meet available to media, Tillerson told the Pak delegation, the nuclear-armed nation was an important US ally.

24 Oct 2017 9:05 PM

Pakistan wary of deepening India-US ties as Tillerson heads to Islamabad

Many Pakistanis feel betrayed that its traditional ally is now cosying up to India over Afghanistan.

24 Oct 2017 7:48 AM


Rex Tillerson makes surprise visit to Kabul

Ahead of his Pak-India visits, secretary of state meets President Ghani to discuss new US Afghan policy.

24 Oct 2017 5:55 AM

New Delhi must learn to play a ‘balancing’ game

The US proposes to widen the discussion with the involvement of other regional powers.

24 Oct 2017 12:26 AM

Pakistan ‘not ready’ for joint anti-terror ops with US

The Pakistani side would stress the need for intelligence sharing in the fight against terrorists.

23 Oct 2017 5:28 AM

India-US ties: Can’t wish away Pak factor

India appears to form an increasingly important part of America’s new worldview.

23 Oct 2017 3:04 AM

Amid closer ties with US, don’t ignore other links

New Delhi was obviously pleased with the underlying theme of the homily and called it an optimistic view.

23 Oct 2017 12:32 AM


Ahead of Rex Tillerson’s visit, US concerned over human rights violations in Pak

Human rights should be major topic in all bilateral discussions between US and Pak, says Congressman Sherman.

21 Oct 2017 12:14 PM

Rex Tillerson’s comments draw praise from India

India and China had been locked in a military face-off earlier for over two months after China had attempted to build a road at Doklam.

21 Oct 2017 2:16 AM

Work closely with US, but keep options open

While speaking warmly of India, Tillerson did not fail to point out that Pakistan was a major US partner, and that all “relations stand on merit”.

21 Oct 2017 12:40 AM

India lauds, shares Tillerson's positivity for Indo-US ties: MEA

Tillerson has made a significant policy statement on India-US relations and its future, an external affairs ministry statement said.

20 Oct 2017 5:34 PM

Leader of Pakistani militant group Jaamat-ul-Ahrar killed in US drone strike

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has planned some of the deadliest suicide bombings in Pakistan over the last year.

20 Oct 2017 11:52 AM


Stable and peaceful Afghan will create better condition for India-Pak relation: Tillerson

Pakistan is an important element of addressing the Afghan challenge, Tillerson said.

19 Oct 2017 11:39 AM

Ahead of Tillerson’s visit, first India-policy speech sets tone for bilateral ties

Trump's new strategy for South Asia is culmination of several months of deliberation.

19 Oct 2017 11:21 AM

US 'reliable partner' for India: Rex Tillerson takes jibe at China

Tillerson said China's behaviour and action is 'posing a challenge to the rules-based international order'.

19 Oct 2017 8:24 AM

US to release advanced technology to India for its aircraft carriers

The decision comes ahead of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to India.

18 Oct 2017 3:01 PM

Trump U-turn on Pak shouldn’t surprise us

Pakistan’s “all-weather friendship” with China is relatively recent but its deep-going relationship with America goes back six decades.

16 Oct 2017 4:15 AM