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Google invaded iPhone users' privacy in UK, faces mass legal action: Report

Google is being taken to court in UK, this time being accused of collecting personal data of millions of users.

30 Nov 2017 1:14 PM

FCC approves TV technology that gives better pictures but less privacy

The new standard would also let broadcasters even activate a TV set that is turned off to send emergency alerts.

17 Nov 2017 10:00 AM

App threatening privacy made mandatory in China's Xinjiang

The software also scans phones for digital fingerprints of illicit files, and informs authorities when it finds them.

15 Nov 2017 4:04 PM

Privacy fears over artificial intelligence as crimestopper

The program is part of a growing trend to use vision-based AI to thwart crime and improve public safety.

12 Nov 2017 8:04 PM

Beware of data breach!

IT expert Suraj Pandey feels that a robust data protection regime should be put into place in order to address the growing concern.

17 Oct 2017 12:05 AM


Uber says will not track riders after trip, remove feature

Step part of app based taxi service trying to fix its poor reputation for customer privacy.

29 Aug 2017 11:40 AM

Older users like to snoop on Facebook: study

Older users could be a significant resource to help drive the growth of Facebook.

18 Aug 2017 8:30 PM

Courts cannot introduce privacy as fundamental right: Maharashtra govt to SC

The state govt said the term privacy is not a definite term and it cannot be conferred a separate status of a fundamental right.

01 Aug 2017 3:10 PM

Free VPN: are VPNs safe? What are the hidden risks?

VPNs are basically services (or software) that spoofs your IP address

29 Jul 2017 3:10 PM

To share data or not?

Indian companies, however, have different compliance protocols, answerable as they are to the Indian state.

11 Jun 2017 1:28 AM


Hackers break Samsung Galaxy S8’s strong iris scanning security with great ease

Iris scanning was expensive and was used in higher security zones such as high profile offices and alike.

24 May 2017 10:07 AM

NSA collected Americans' phone records despite law change: report

US intelligence agencies had gone out of their way to make public more information about US electronic eavesdropping.

03 May 2017 11:59 AM

Not headphones, your apps could be spying on you!

Bigger tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and a few others also collect data for various reasons.

27 Apr 2017 12:47 PM

Privacy in the age of big data

Personal data is freely accessible, shared and even sold, and those to whom this information belongs have little control over its flow.

10 Apr 2017 4:04 AM

US regulators accuse Google of underpaying female workers

Google and other technology companies have been trying to improve hiring practices

08 Apr 2017 1:15 PM


Samsung fails: Face unlock is not as secure as you think.

Samsung Galaxy S8’s ‘face unlock’ security feature was flawed; a video proved it.

01 Apr 2017 1:04 PM

Porn website will now protect your identity, hide your kinky fantasies

With the new encryption, your viewing habits will now be shielded from prying eyes.

01 Apr 2017 12:15 PM

Online security: Restrict app permissions, be safe

Quick login to websites using social media accounts is good, but can be risky at times.

18 Mar 2017 2:48 PM

Google, unlike Microsoft, must turn over foreign emails

Google said it believed it had complied with the warrants it received

05 Feb 2017 10:01 AM

Police with warrant allowed to spy private Twitter messages, tweets

Twitter says that it requires a court order to disclose private information to authorities.

04 Feb 2017 12:07 PM