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In pursuit of ‘BENNY’volence

She has taken great strides to give children a reason to smile with her organisation.

09 Mar 2017 1:31 AM

Odisha’s growth rate beats national average

Odisha’s real per capita income rose from Rs 47,632 in 2011-12 to Rs 61,678 in 2016-17 at 2011-12 prices, the report said.

27 Feb 2017 1:06 AM

Why migration is killing babies in this village in Maharashtra

Doctors said children suffer due to irregular feeding patterns when both parents work long hours.

05 Jan 2017 1:03 PM

Niti Aayog plans panel to draw new poverty line

The present poverty estimates are based on the methodology recommended by the Tendulkar panel.

11 Dec 2016 3:28 AM

Poverty leads to poor control of gestational diabetes

Many social factors have a major impact on overall pregnancy health.

16 Nov 2016 11:30 AM