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Parsi community

The lost lanes of Fort

A walk in the city shows off the unexplored history and cultural impact of the Parsi community.

12 Jan 2020 1:23 AM

Capturing the Parsi legacy

Photographer Shantanu Das’ exhibition in the city documents the lives, rituals, and customs of the diminishing Parsi community.

23 Nov 2019 11:57 PM

As the Parsi population dwindles in India, will some dating advice help?

These stalwarts will advise young Parsi men on how to conduct themselves during a date with Parsi girls.

21 Sep 2019 2:30 AM

Parsi Gate to be restored soon

Officials say structure is in damaged condition.

11 Mar 2018 7:03 AM

No law provides change of woman’s religion after marriage: SC

The bench said it was only the woman who can decide about her religious identity by exercising her right to choice

08 Dec 2017 11:17 AM


Mumbai Metro line construction: Parsis meet Uddhav Thackeray to save fire temples

Parsis fear the construction will break the continuous contact of the temple fire with earth, and thus diminish the magnetic circuits.

28 Oct 2017 3:43 PM

An open letter to my fellow Parsis

The Parsis gathered in numbers at this well as it is regarded by some as sacred and reputed to make wishes come true.

21 Oct 2017 5:39 AM

Parsis move HC fearing Mumbai metro project will affect fire temples

The two notable fire temples of the Parsi community are feared to be disturbed by this tunneling work.

15 Oct 2017 4:17 PM

Mumbai bawas to meet Uddhav Thackeray for help

The community has also started an online signature petition on the issue and has managed to get about 9,000 signatures till now.

14 Oct 2017 3:02 AM