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SpaceX to send organs on a chip to the International Space Station

The organs on a chip replicate human physiological function at the cellular level.

05 May 2019 10:20 AM

Woman cured of advanced breast cancer through immunotherapy in world first

Treatment already works in some people with cancer of the lung, cervix, blood cells (leukaemia), skin (melanoma) and bladder.

05 Jun 2018 8:16 AM

New organ discovered in the human body

The find could explain how cancer spreads.

28 Mar 2018 1:49 PM

Medics carry out record-breaking five transplants in 36 hours

Transplantation deirector had to draft in extra doctors, nurses for support on their days off as more organs became unexpectedly available.

02 Mar 2018 6:02 PM

Woman born without vagina can't have sex, raises funds for surgery

Kaylee wants to have a sexual relationship with her boyfriend but is also nervous about having sex for the first time.

15 Aug 2017 3:20 PM


Scientists genetically edit viral infections from piglets

Researchers place edited embryonic cells into chemical cocktail that encourages growth without destructive effects of modification.

12 Aug 2017 10:41 AM

China to lead in organ transplants by 2020

Critics have questioned China's claims of reform and suggested that the WHO should be allowed to conduct surprise investigations

26 Jul 2017 4:16 PM

Mumbai: Brain dead man's organs save four lives

The donor's family has played an instrumental role and helped the lives of other people.

20 Jul 2017 2:08 PM