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National Zoological Park

Summer relief: Strict diet, coolers for 1,200 zoo animals

Around 200 metres away, 30-year-old Akanrhawa, with his pants rolled up to the knee, is feeding bananas to Heera Gaj and Lakhsmi.

06 May 2019 7:18 AM

Delhi zoo to plant 50,000 saplings this month

This is an annual drive here but we have widened the scale of plantation this time.

06 Jul 2018 4:54 AM

Zoo hid animal deaths to show mortality rate dip

As per Central Zoo Authority, Delhi Zoo recorded 325 deaths in 2016-17 from an opening stock of 1,259 animals.

24 May 2018 5:29 AM

Breastfeeding cabins opened at Delhi zoo

Find out why.

13 May 2018 2:55 PM

Scenic Sunder Nursery in city to debut as a heritage park

Sunder Nursery is to be inaugurated by the vice-president in the presence of His Highness the Aga Khan on Wednesday.

21 Feb 2018 2:34 AM


Delhi: Personalised stamps for zoo visitors

People can get clicked in front of their favourite animal’s enclosure.

31 Jul 2017 2:14 AM

Delhi zoo orders cake for white tiger

There was a special birthday feast of his favourite meat, a cake and no disturbance from the crowd for Vijay, who turned 10.

21 Jul 2017 2:18 AM

Empty enclosures welcome visitors at Delhi zoo

The enclosures of ostrich, giraffe, zebra, monitor lizards, king cobra, etc. have been lying vacant for quite some time.

12 Mar 2017 2:55 PM