Thursday, Jan 23, 2020 | Last Update : 02:55 AM IST

National Register of Citizens

Section 144 of CrPC: Brutal tool has no place in democracy

The draconian law is being used unfailingly and rampantly to silence any kind of dissent and impose self-censorship

19 Jan 2020 7:35 AM

38th day: Anti-CAA protests continue, grip Indian cities

In Kolkata’s Park Circus Maidan, about 60 Muslim women continued their sit-in demonstration for the 12th on Saturday.

19 Jan 2020 6:03 AM

Amid protests, Left and Congress two elephants in the room

The headlines should warm the cockles of Prime Minister Modi’s heart.

15 Jan 2020 1:54 AM

No question of NRC in Bihar, says Nitish Kumar

In his speech, Mr Kumar also emphasised the need for caste-based census in the country.

14 Jan 2020 2:03 AM

Anti-CAA stir: People hold hawan, recite Gurbani

‘Sarva dharma samabhava’ ceremony organised at Shaheen Bagh.

13 Jan 2020 3:01 AM


Tug-of-war over tricolour; most powerful man in MP

That Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and his deputy Sachin Pilot are not exactly on best terms is an open secret.

13 Jan 2020 12:33 AM

Mamata Banerjee set to meet PM today on CAA, NRC

According to Raj Bhavan sources, 9 pm has been “reserved for a meeting”, which fuelled the prospect of the CM-PM meeting.

11 Jan 2020 6:12 AM

Yashwant Sinha to kick off India-Wide yatra today

The former finance minister announced that he would commence his “Gandhi Shanti Yatra” from the Gateway of India on January 9.

09 Jan 2020 1:13 AM

Why it’s wrong to say liberals are intolerant

These protests fight the spirit and not the verse, they doubt not the actions but the intentions behind the law.

09 Jan 2020 1:13 AM

India-Bangladesh border meet takes place amidst NRC, CAA

The DG level talks between India and Bangladesh, continuing since long, are held twice every year — once each in India and Bangladesh.

06 Jan 2020 2:14 AM


The link between NPR & NRC is obvious

Not only is the link between the NPR and the NRC very obvious, but the BJP-led government’s ideological commitment to it is also unwavering.

05 Jan 2020 2:53 AM

Massive rally in Hyderabad against CAA

Priyanka meets families of violence victims in Muzaffarnagar, Meerut.

05 Jan 2020 2:07 AM

Amit Shah declares Centre won’t budge on CAA

However, the chief ministers of non-BJP-ruled states and the Opposition parties continued to remain critical of the measures.

04 Jan 2020 1:35 AM

Anti-CAA protesters vow to ‘defend Constitution’

The anti-CAA and anti-NRC protests also took place in Chandigarh, Chennai and Bengaluru.

02 Jan 2020 12:56 AM

CAA & NRC are a wake-up call for all Indians

Amit Shah needs to perhaps deliberate on his confidence about remaining in power for 50 years because of the 2019 parliamentary victory.

31 Dec 2019 12:54 AM


Detention camps are spreading all over... in India, China, America

Assam is not the only Indian state in which such camps are being planned.

27 Dec 2019 4:26 AM

‘Reign of terror prevailing’ in UP: Activists

NHRC issues notice to UP police chief after receiving complaints about cops violating rights.

27 Dec 2019 2:32 AM

Detention centres lawful, set up with Supreme Court’s nod: Centre

After a Supreme Court directive, these were repeated in March 2012.

27 Dec 2019 2:26 AM

As protests rage, is our democracy at risk too?

The Central government in Delhi and governments in BJP-ruled states are coming down heavily on the protesters.

26 Dec 2019 12:48 AM

Call Parliament session to debate NPR & NRC

Nine times in Parliament since 2014, the Modi government has underlined that NPR data will be used to verify and construct a NRC.

26 Dec 2019 12:34 AM