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National Family Health Survey

AA Edit | Child marriages: Bring awareness

Marriage is a social institution in India and Assam is no exception

08 Feb 2023 12:30 AM

India's population has started to decline, fertility rate below replacement level

For the first time, India has more women than men with a ratio of 1020 to1000

25 Nov 2021 1:56 PM

AA Edit | Pushing two-child policy: Can it ramp up growth?

According to the last population census (2011), the rate of growth of population among Muslims was higher than the Hindus

14 Jul 2021 12:30 AM

Child nutrition crisis may derail India’s aspirations

The underfed hugely outnumber the overfed but alongside the crisis of child under-nutrition, we are also seeing a rise in child obesity

17 Dec 2020 7:45 AM

Malnutrition crisis plagues Odisha

ST, SC population worst hit by menace.

13 Feb 2020 5:25 AM


‘Odisha malnutrition rises, needs urgent intervention’

SAM children, as the experts pointed out, have a much higher risk of death.

20 Nov 2019 2:10 AM

The many faces of anaemia in Gujarat’s urban settlements

To ensure that healthy eating becomes the norm, a Mahila Arogya Samiti of about 20 women was formed for four slums.

12 Aug 2019 4:26 AM

Stunting declines to 34.7 pc in 2017-18 from 38.4 pc in 2015-16

National Family Health Survey is based on the information collected from 1.12 lakh households.

17 Mar 2019 4:25 PM

‘Publish age of bride, groom on wedding cards’

Meena said that he will be holding a meeting with printers in the district to discuss the issue and address their queries, if any.

15 May 2018 2:26 AM

MP: Tribal villages show the way to combat malnutrition

A low-cost model using traditional delicacies has helped children gain weight naturally as villagers donate their surplus grains for the project.

26 Feb 2018 4:47 AM


HIV stigma still haunts, need more awareness

Indian youth continue to harbour misconceptions about HIV, say experts.

03 Feb 2018 2:15 AM

A ‘women-centric’ approach for gains in nutrition

On the one hand, there are states like Kerala and Goa which have a low burden of undernutrition.

27 Sep 2017 3:15 AM

Haryana: Muslim-dominated Mewat fears sterilisation from vaccines

The immunisation rate in Mewat is 13 per cent, much lower than the state average of 62.2 per cent.

04 May 2017 11:56 AM

9 out 10 children in UP don’t get adequate diet: National Family Health Survey

A study done by Child Rights and You, based on the NFHS findings, says that only 5.3 per cent children in the state get adequate diet.

08 Apr 2017 1:32 AM

Most Indian kids deprived of good diet

The national capital, being the centre of power, ideally should have had better status.

07 Apr 2017 2:08 AM