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Don’t let LTCG worries stop your investment

Equity mutual funds remain your best long-term investment tool. Don’t allow the LTCG tax keep you away from dalal st.

07 Feb 2018 2:14 AM

FPIs renew interest in equities

The aforementioned sectors account for 60 per cent of incremental profits of the Nifty-50 Index.

29 Jan 2018 1:26 AM

Mutual funds to soon trade in commodity derivatives, says Amfi

Currently, there are 42 mutual fund players with assets under management of over Rs 22 lakh crore.

09 Jan 2018 4:59 PM

Sebi: Link MFs to total return index

When benchmarked to the TRI, the number of funds outperforming the benchmark would significantly come down.

06 Jan 2018 2:56 AM

Sebi may put 10 pc cross-shareholding cap in mutual funds

Issue would be taken up at board meeting of Securities and Exchange Board of India on Thursday.

27 Dec 2017 3:17 PM


Individual wealth touches Rs 344 lakh crore

According to Karvy Wealth Report 2017, individual wealth in India is expected to nearly double in next five years to Rs 639 lakh crore.

13 Dec 2017 6:44 AM

Sebi suggests allowing mutual funds to invest in commodities

Sebi has already held a series of meetings with various stakeholders to discuss issues relating to allowing MFs and PMs in the market.

08 Dec 2017 2:05 AM

Over 66 lakh new investors added in MFs in Apr-Sep period

Overall, mutual funds have seen an infusion of Rs 2 lakh crore.

23 Oct 2017 1:44 PM

New inflows into Mutual Funds may stop

Experts cite slowdown as key concern.

23 Oct 2017 4:25 AM

MFs pump $12 billion in equities, outshine FPIs' investment

During August-September, fund managers lapped up shares to the tune of over Rs 35,000 crore.

22 Oct 2017 12:27 PM


MF assets jump close to 30 per cent at Rs 20.4 trillion in Sept

However, AUM declined to Rs 20.40 trillion from Rs 20.59 trillion a month ago.

18 Oct 2017 3:47 PM

Mutual funds log Rs 2 lakh crore inflows in Apr-Sep FY'18

Equity and ELS attracted over Rs 80,000 crore, balanced funds received over Rs 47,000 crore.

12 Oct 2017 4:30 PM

Indian mutual funds may get nod for trading in commodity derivatives in 6 months

SEBI for the first time allowed institutional investors to trade in commodity derivatives.

26 Sep 2017 3:20 PM

MF houses approach Sebi with 85 new proposals so far in 2017

Sebi's move towards paperless online mechanism for registration for MFs will turn into a boon for sector.

27 Aug 2017 12:06 PM

Mutual funds mark down investments in Uber by as much as 15 per cent

T. Rowe Price Group Inc cut the estimated price of Uber shares by more than 12 per cent.

23 Aug 2017 11:10 AM


Mutual funds pump Rs 30,000 crore into stock markets in April-July

At present mutual fund industry is managing an asset base of about Rs 20 lakh crore mark.

17 Aug 2017 2:41 PM

Soon Aadhaar may be linked to trading of shares, MFs

Step aims at preventing conversion of black money into white through investments in securities, mutual funds.

10 Aug 2017 11:39 AM

Institutional ownership at an all-time high: Morgan

Overall, institutions remain more overweight in financial sector stocks while they are most underweight in healthcare and technology stocks.

08 Aug 2017 12:33 AM

MFs' asset base from small towns up 46 per cent to Rs 3.5 lakh crore

About 54 per cent of the assets from B15 locations is in equity schemes, while the same is 31 per cent for T15 assets.

30 Jul 2017 11:20 AM

Banking services to pinch

Other financial service will also become dearer in the GST regime.

17 Jun 2017 4:32 AM