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Apple’s growth into $2 trillion behemoth under Tim Cook tainted by accusations of unfair dominance

He turned App Store into the cornerstone of a services division that earns $50 billion yearly, more than all but 65 firms in the Fortune 500

24 Aug 2020 4:44 PM

Epic Games hosts ‘FreeFortnite’ tournament in campaign against Apple monopoly

Prizes include a virtual “Tart Tycoon” outfit featuring an apple head, sunglasses and condescending frown, Epic said taking a dig at Apple.

22 Aug 2020 4:44 PM

After removing Fortnite from App Store, Apple takes war with Epic Games to the next level

Apple told Epic it would be cut off from software development tools by August 28.

18 Aug 2020 4:07 PM

Canadian authorities investigate Amazon for misuse of its market dominance

The Competition Bureau seeks to determine whether Amazon influences consumers to purchase its own products over those of competing sellers.

15 Aug 2020 3:26 PM

Facebook, Google accused of anti-conservative bias at US Senate hearing

Facebook, Twitter and Google denied their platforms are politically biased.

11 Apr 2019 1:06 PM


Academic critics, Leave art alone

It is the prerogative of artists and writers to decide the construct of their work, doesn’t matter what context academic critics read it in

18 Feb 2018 3:31 AM