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Research suggests monogamy may affect mental health

Interviews reveal that most expect their partner to stay monogamous despite having extramarital thoughts themselves.

03 Jan 2018 6:54 PM

Till death do me apart

If you thought monogamy and polygamy have been hard enough to corner, sologamy presents a whole new set of concerns.

24 May 2017 12:26 AM

Non-monogamous relationships as successful as monogamous

We are brought up to believe relationships should be monogamous. But does monogamy really make sense?

28 Mar 2017 11:16 AM

Monogamy is not natural, says Scarlett Johansson

The interview reportedly took place before her break-up.

16 Feb 2017 12:23 AM

The new monogamy

It’s the new-age of ‘monogamish’ where the couple is in a committed partnership but has a liberal ‘agreement’.

04 Jan 2017 12:23 AM