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mental illness

Psychologists cancel sessions over coronavirus lockdown

It's double-whammy for those battling mental issues

24 Mar 2020 11:50 PM

Reports suggest Texas shooter bought gun from private seller after purchase ban

Authorities say the gunman in a West Texas rampage was fired from his job and called police and the FBI before the mass shooting started.

04 Sep 2019 10:45 AM

Emergency department sees increase in physical and mental illness patients

Combined physical and mental disorders increase emergency department visits: Study.

03 Jul 2019 11:33 AM

'Mental Hai Kya' is sensitive towards the issue of mental illness: Ekta Kapoor

Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer 'Mental Health Hai' is slated to be released on July 26.

18 Jun 2019 4:53 PM

Epilepsy closely linked to mental illnesses

Patients with schizophrenia, epilepsy die before 50 years.

18 May 2019 8:47 AM


Here's how Mad King George III turned madder after reading Shakespeare's King Lear

According to reports Mad King was given copy of Shakespeare’s King Lear as he struggled with mental illness and it worsened his condition.

17 Nov 2018 10:52 AM

Civic body to set up facilities for mentally ill

The city has been witnessing a steep rise in the number of people suffering from mental illnesses.

06 Sep 2018 1:31 AM

Soon, insurance cover for treatment of mental illness

The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, which came into force from May 29.

20 Aug 2018 1:01 AM

Irdai asks insurers to cover mental illnesses

The Mental Health Care Act was passed by the Parliament of India in 2017.

17 Aug 2018 1:04 PM

Human mental illness can be understood better through personality of chimps

The findings can facilitate a better understanding of brain structure in humans and its link to mental health issues.

09 Jul 2018 2:41 PM


Sex addiction is classified as mental illness for first time

Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder is persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses.

07 Jul 2018 8:42 AM

Is Instagram fuelling a mental illness epidemic? Experts opine

According to studies, behavioural addiction is very similar to substance addictions like alcohol, cannabis etc. seen plaguing the society.

26 Jun 2018 3:29 PM

Risk of being a crime victim goes up with mental illness diagnosis

Overall, 234,000 people with no mental illness diagnosis were crime victims, which is about 12 incidents per 1,000 people per year.

02 Jun 2018 2:07 PM

City upbringing may increase mental illness risk: study

Children raised in a rural environment, surrounded by animals and bacteria, grow up to have more stress-resilient immune systems.

01 May 2018 2:03 PM

Depression can be kept at bay by making teenagers run on a daily basis

Exercise has been known to reduce stress and the lack of it might be causing the rise in depression among teenagers.

19 Apr 2018 4:17 PM


India’s grey clouds of depression

Although mental illness is experienced by a significant portion of the population, it is still seen as a taboo.

16 Apr 2018 1:00 AM

Food supplements may help treat psychosis: study

Certain antioxidant supplements, such as n-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C, may also be effective.

23 Mar 2018 3:53 PM

Childhood `toxic stress’ leads to parenting challenges later on

One reason may be that mothers who experience more adversity in childhood have more health risks during pregnancy.

22 Mar 2018 3:04 PM

Acne linked to increased depression risk: study

The results indicate that it is critical that physicians monitor mood symptoms in patients with acne and initiate prompt treatment.

07 Feb 2018 1:49 PM

Mumbai: 26-yr-old mentally ill undertrial hangs self in jail

Officials informed he had attempted suicide in January as well but was saved by alert prison guards.

05 Feb 2018 6:21 PM