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machine learning

Artificial intelligence can aid in faster, better Alzheimer’s diagnosis, says study

Widespread implementation of AI can help predict which patients showing mild cognitive impairment will go on to develop Alzheimer’s.

29 Jul 2020 8:47 PM

Tech-enabled solutions for hygiene, sanitation management find takers as India opens for business

Featured here: A device that sterilises small objects, an air cleaning system and a surveillance tool to check compliance with hygiene SOPs

05 Jun 2020 9:45 PM

System using machine learning can soon tell which COVID patients are at risk of cardiac events

Researchers hope to create a predictive risk score that can determine adverse cardiac events up to 24 hours ahead.

18 May 2020 3:59 PM

India's IT workers are world's most digitally adaptive, says survey

Digital workers in Singapore and India use real-time messaging and social media tools more often than in China, France, Germany, US and UK

16 Apr 2020 7:02 PM

AI could be key to containing pandemics like the novel coronavirus outbreak in the future

Several AI systems identified the first signs of the outbreak on December 30 but the extent of the severity of the disease was not known

26 Mar 2020 12:20 PM


Get a pay hike by upskilling in AI, Data Science, Cloud Computing or cybersecurity

A survey of 1,750 techies by learning platform Simplilearn said 33% of professionals took up courses to give them a salary boost

05 Mar 2020 8:13 PM

Udacity launches new Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow Nanodegree program

The new program offers practitioner level skills in new-generation Machine Learning through hands-on projects.

25 Jan 2020 10:00 AM

Datacultr reduces frauds in consumer lending with its Machine Learning platform

Datacultr allows vast amounts of data to be handled in a short time, helps to manage both structured and unstructured data.

23 Jan 2020 9:40 AM

These technologies will change the way we live in the next decade

What will come in the next 10 years will supersede a lot of what came in fifty years earlier.

13 Nov 2019 8:51 AM

14 incredible things Artificial Intelligence can do right now

From seeing to predicting when you are going to die, these are 14 things that AI is capable of doing right now.

12 Nov 2019 10:31 AM


How AI/ ML is helping brands across sectors to manage their marketing and sales

By analyzing historical data pertaining to advertising and sales, AI can guide marketers to a strong strategy for their upcoming campaigns.

04 Oct 2019 2:42 PM

Human and machines will reshape the future of work

By 2030, there will be three shifts that will help shape a more inclusive, empowering and rewarding work environment.

30 Jul 2019 4:58 PM

PayPal mulls data localisation for India, sets up tech centre

Companies store data on global servers data localisation would require them to make additional investment.

23 Jul 2019 3:39 PM

Breast cancer can be diagnosed using machine learning

Nearly one in 10 cancers are misdiagnosed as not cancerous, meaning that a patient can lose critical treatment time.

15 Jul 2019 11:53 AM

AI to fight unfair discrimination

Preventing unfair treatment of individuals on the basis of race, gender or ethnicity has been a long-standing concern of civilization.

15 Jul 2019 11:34 AM


Tech Startups that are changing the talent acquisition and performance management

HR-tech industry has grown so much and now more companies are adapting the new trend to automate time-consuming HR tasks.

03 Jul 2019 2:01 PM

TheMathCompany to expand its global presence with funding from Arihant Patni

TheMathCompany works with over 30 fortune 500 clients and is one of the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence, machine learning startups.

31 May 2019 5:02 PM

5 start-ups that help you converse with AI

Several inspirational start-ups are making it easier for the users of today to simply converse with the technology.

10 May 2019 6:25 PM

Nike is using AR because you are not wearing the right size sneaker

The company is introducing Nike Fit, which promises to provide users with the right fit using machine learning.

10 May 2019 11:44 AM

Google I/O 2019 featured two Indian companies for excellent use of Machine Learning

Machine Learning was one of the most widely covered topic and the buzz word at the event.

09 May 2019 4:20 PM