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The mother of all lizards found in Italian Alps

The stone, dug up in Egypt, allowed scientists to decipher hieroglyphics.

31 May 2018 1:02 PM

Lizard swallowed by snake spit out alive after it friends come to the rescue

The gecko had turned red and was barely breathing but miraculously managed to spring back to life.

18 Aug 2017 3:19 PM

Man finds two lizards in canned beer, sues company

George Toubbeh claims incident left him in trauma, but beer brand believes there is no merit in claim.

11 Aug 2017 7:36 PM

Lizard in biryani: Rail Ministry cancels caterer's contract

Order part of railway's 'zero tolerance' policy towards poor quality and overcharging of food.

26 Jul 2017 5:34 PM

Passenger in Poorva Express served biryani with lizard

Incident came to light when a co-passenger took to social media and posted image of lizard in biryani.

26 Jul 2017 11:30 AM


Lizard's fierce encounter with a snake in viral video

The lizard stands up to a snake trying to suffocate another reptile to death on a wall.

23 Apr 2017 4:05 PM

Lizard in hostel food rocks House

Atrocity Act can be invoked against guilty, as victims OBCs, says MoS.

24 Mar 2017 1:29 AM

Woman finds fried lizard in French fries at McDonald’s

The pregnant woman has now filed a complaint with the local police station regarding the issue after no action was taken

03 Mar 2017 2:17 PM