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light pollution

Wilson Gymkhana gets rid of floodlights

Light pollution is caused by high-intensity artificial lighting more than what is required.

12 Mar 2019 2:53 AM

Ecosystem gets affected at night due to light pollution, says study

Artificial light is a pollutant, changing the natural course of ecosystem.

22 Dec 2018 2:23 PM

Research suggests light pollution at night can also harm ecosystem

Decreases in food chain length are a pretty big deal, as it reflects not just changes in the architecture of an ecosystem.

20 Dec 2018 6:14 PM

Light from mobile phones as harmful as junk food

According to experts, blue light from the devices is fuelling an epidemic of sleep-deprivation.

02 Mar 2018 5:12 PM

Light pollution boosted by overuse of energy-saving LEDs

Data shows Earth's night getting brighter, and artificially lit outdoor surfaces growing at pace of 2.2 percent per year from 2012 to 2016.

23 Nov 2017 8:38 AM


Light pollution dampens urban robins' song: study

Male robins also begin their activity relatively early in the day which makes them sensitive to light pollution

19 Dec 2016 5:00 PM