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Quirky phrases that must be phase out in 2020

Let’s cancel ‘OK Boomer’ in 2020, and the humblebrag, too.

07 Dec 2019 1:12 PM

The great Indian language trouble

As the World celebrates the International Year of Indigenous Languages, India has a task in hand to preserve its 780-odd indigenous languages.

10 Nov 2019 12:00 AM

There should neither be imposition, nor opposition to any language: V P Naidu

The Vice President called for revamping the education system and said it must that student enjoy schooling.

20 Sep 2019 3:16 PM

Air Canada ordered to pay 6-figure fine for violating couple’s 'language rights'

The couple were particularly upset by the boarding announcement for the Montreal-bound flight.

31 Aug 2019 4:01 PM

Goa CM asks speaker to appoint translator in assembly

Konkani and Marathi are the two major languages spoken in the coast state.

26 Jul 2019 3:33 PM


President Kovind says legal system should be simplified in regional languages

He said that it is important to not only take justice to people but also to make it understandable to litigating parties.

13 Jul 2019 7:13 PM

Not a realistic request: Tharoor on making Sanskrit as official language

Sai had said that Sanskrit should be made official language of the country and added that he will speak to HRD Ministry regarding the same.

07 Jun 2019 2:51 PM

Talking to children is good for their intelligence

The study suggests that parents who verbally interact with their children help them develop better cognitive skills.

01 May 2019 9:55 PM

Facebook's flood of languages leaves it struggling to monitor content

The company offers its 2.3 billion users features such as menus and prompts in 111 different languages.

24 Apr 2019 1:13 PM

Here's why toddlers need their afternoon nap

Scientists discover youngsters remember words better after a 90 minute siesta.

30 Oct 2018 2:02 PM


Dogs can understand language, process spoken words like humans, study finds

According to the study, they even process the spoken word in a similar way to humans - and in the same area of the brain.

17 Oct 2018 11:52 AM

'Back-and-forth' conversations with young kids may aid brain development

Conversational turns were still associated with higher verbal scores.

14 Aug 2018 6:54 PM

Language in the LOL age

Versatile actor Manoj Bajpayee talks about his apprehensions concerning language, especially in an era where words are endlessly modified.

06 Aug 2018 12:00 AM

Infants exposed to baby talk words develop better language skills

The more baby talk words that infants are exposed to, the quicker they grasp the language.

02 Aug 2018 4:17 PM

Language important for success in later years

Language is the ability to deploy those words and use complex syntax and grammar to communicate in speech and writing.

19 May 2018 12:07 PM


Sanskrit: Language of Gods gets its first film book

The movie 'Priyamanasam', had already been screened in over 300 film festivals in various countries.

14 May 2018 12:10 PM

Way one sees colour depends upon language they speak, says study

Besides biological make up, colour perception is about how our brain interprets colours to create something meaningful.

02 May 2018 7:39 PM

Here are 5 platforms to learn languages for free

The conventional method of learning is time consuming and cost driven.

30 Apr 2018 8:14 AM

Video games can help learn new language

Simone Bregni, associate professor at Saint Louis University in Spain, started playing video games in 1975 when he was 12.

22 Apr 2018 5:46 PM

Here are some benefits of raising multilingual childre

Indians born and brought up in America often feel embarrassed to make their children learn the native language.

12 Mar 2018 7:54 PM