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Istanbul police detain dozens protesting Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Istanbul police frequently crack down on leftist anti-government protests.

10 Dec 2017 1:34 PM

Swedish synagogue firebombed after Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Some reports have also claimed that fire incident took place due to a party that was being held by Jewish students inside the synagogue.

10 Dec 2017 11:36 AM

Arab leaders ask US to reverse Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Jerusalem's status lies at the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Trump's move was widely perceived as siding with Israel.

10 Dec 2017 10:47 AM

Palestinian president will not meet Pence: diplomatic adviser

‘The United States has crossed all the red lines with the Jerusalem decision,’ diplomatic adviser Majdi al-Khaldi said.

09 Dec 2017 6:55 PM

Trump calls for calm, moderation in Middle East

Shah defended Trump's decision on Jerusalem, saying, ‘…recognise reality, and recognise Jerusalem as the capital.’

09 Dec 2017 12:33 PM


Muslims pray outside White House to condemn Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Worshippers laid out their prayer mats at a park in front of the president’s residence.

09 Dec 2017 11:41 AM

Jerusalem decision ‘reflection of ground reality,’ committed to peace process: US

Trump in a major policy address had on Wednesday announced to recognise Jerusalem as the Israel's capital.

08 Dec 2017 3:20 PM

Violence breaks out after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Trump's announcement was met by an almost universal diplomatic backlash.

08 Dec 2017 10:41 AM

Trump’s Jerusalem move likely to spark ‘new Intifada’: Iran

Trump's move was a ‘clear violation of international resolutions’ and that Jerusalem was ‘an inseparable part of Palestine.’

07 Dec 2017 11:26 AM