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International Dance Council

An ode to empathy through dance, a visual poetry that connects through communion

Accomplished Manipuri exponent and teacher Anusua Roy presented Mandila Nartan with her students.

24 Jun 2019 4:21 AM

World Dance Day 2019: Spirituality as theme, opportunity for dance community to connect

Dance in India comes in different genres and means different things to different people.

24 Apr 2019 1:39 AM

World Congress of Dance: A magical orb of oneness

The International Dance Council, which remains the inspiration of its world president, professor Alkis Raftis, sought to link the world through dance.

19 Feb 2019 12:17 AM

Looking back to move forward

Re-envisioning and introspecting is critical to understand the ever-evolving medium of Indian classical dance.

10 Jul 2018 1:51 AM