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Manish Tewari | Don’t allow military bases on Indian soil in any form

Is India changing its stance both with regard to military bases in the broader Indo-Pacific region and even on its soil?

24 Sep 2023 12:05 AM

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin Arrives in New Delhi to Strengthen Indo-US Defence Partnership

I’m returning to India to meet with key leaders for discussions about strengthening our major defence partnership

05 Jun 2023 12:00 AM

Quad Leaders Forge United Front, Take Veiled Jibe At Beijing

The Quad leaders vowed continued cooperation with Indo-Pacific partners to meet the region’s infrastructure priorities

21 May 2023 12:00 AM

China's president Xi warns against 'Cold War' in Indo-Pacific

Xi also said the region should make sure to keep supply lines functioning and to continue liberalising trade and investment

11 Nov 2021 10:18 AM

Sunanda K. Datta-Ray | Quad, AUKUS challenge: How will China respond?

Nearly 20 years ago John Howard, Australian Prime Minister from 1996 to 2007, described his country as America’s deputy sheriff

29 Sep 2021 2:49 AM


Quad leaders pledge to work together for peace and prosperity in Indo-Pacific region

Opening the summit, President Biden said the four democracies have come together to take on common challenges from COVID-19 to climate

25 Sep 2021 10:19 AM

PM gifts Harris copy of notifications related to her grandfather, chess set

Noting that the PM had a 'very successful' bilateral meeting with Harris, the sources said he gave very special gifts to the American VP

24 Sep 2021 6:27 PM

Indranil Banerjie | Europe needs rethink as Atlantic divide widening

The French received no hint the deal was about to be broken and put the blame squarely on the United States

23 Sep 2021 12:14 AM

Rajnath for freedom of navigation in South China Sea

He called for an open and inclusive order in the Indo-Pacific based upon respect for sovereignty and the territorial integrity of nations

17 Jun 2021 1:28 AM

Sreeram Chaulia | Beyond the RCEP: India matters in Indo-Pacific

Since the signing of the RCEP agreement, criticism of India for sitting out the mega free trade pact has arisen in some quarters

23 Nov 2020 11:54 PM


‘China govt does not like concept of Indo-Pacific’

China is wary of the Quad, with many observers pointing out that Beijing sees the grouping as an attempt to contain it.

16 Nov 2019 2:28 AM

Pak owes China USD 10 million for Gwadar port, says US general

Pakistan owes China at least USD 10 billion for the construction of the Gwadar port and other projects, a top US general said.

16 Mar 2019 9:03 AM

India, Vietnam want free, open Indo-Pacific: MEA

The President will meet the Vietnamese top leadership and will also address the Vietnamese National Assembly.

17 Nov 2018 7:18 AM

US-India ties 'natural partnership' between Indo-Pacific partners: Congressman

US, India share interests, concerns, including transnational terrorism, China's aggressive behaviour around the world.

30 May 2018 12:28 PM

Important to not have hegemony: Macron warns over China dominance in Indo-Pacific

'What's important is to preserve rules-based development in the region... and to preserve necessary balances in the region,' Macron said.

02 May 2018 5:55 PM


Quad will help secure Indo-Pacific region

The last time these four democratic countries had entered into a huddle and conducted joint naval exercises was in 2007.

14 Nov 2017 2:09 AM

China hopes quadrilateral meet on 'Indo-Pacific' concept not directed against it

Indo-Pacific refers to the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean regions, which also includes the disputed South China Sea.

13 Nov 2017 8:41 PM

China 'uncomfortably' switches to Indo-Pacific from Asia-Pacific

Trump and his team have given it fresh currency in recent days, starting in Seoul and Tokyo.

11 Nov 2017 12:38 PM