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Husband gives triple talaq over phone after UP woman gives birth to girl

Police have said that a case has been registered in this regard and further investigation is underway.

20 Oct 2019 4:26 PM

Hyderabad man pushes 22-year-old wife off terrace at under-construction building

The victim identified as Seema Damahe was pushed from the third floor of the terrace after being thrashed by her husband.

18 Oct 2019 12:03 PM

UP: Man bites mother-in-laws nose, father slits her ear in dowry dispute

Rehman gave a dowry worth Rs 10 lakh to his daughter, but after Chand Bi gave birth to a baby her in-laws started demanding Rs 5 lakh more.

26 Aug 2019 3:34 PM

UAE woman seeks divorce from husband as she feels choked with his love and affection

The husband said he did not do anything wrong.

23 Aug 2019 3:59 PM

Doubtful of his character, 33-year-old Mumbai woman stabs husband multiple times

The accused, Pranali, has been charged under section 302 (murder) and will be produced before Vasai court on Thursday.

22 Aug 2019 12:28 PM


Woman, her lover burn husband with hot oil, hits hammer to kill him in Maharashtra

According to police, Quincia and Nair were arrested under section 307 (attempt to murder) and have been remanded in custody till August 20.

15 Aug 2019 2:44 PM

21-year-old man stabbed by in-laws in Hyderabad

The victim, identified as Imtiaz, was allegedly stabbed by his wife Fatima's father and relatives on Friday.

08 Jun 2019 9:38 AM

Fed up of abuse, woman kills husband, walks to cops with severed head

The incident happened on Tuesday night when woman arrived at Dhalpur police outpost carrying her deceased husband's head in a plastic bag.

30 May 2019 1:54 PM

Woman wants sperm donor to have kids, doesn't think husband attractive enough

She was cheating with a married man who was at their house multiple times for dinner and realized she wanted her kids to be like him.

13 Dec 2018 5:40 PM

Married couples share the risk of diabetes: Study

A man, whose wife had a BMI of 30, had a 21 per cent higher risk of developing diabetes than men whose wives had a BMI of 25.

23 May 2018 5:29 PM


Here are 6 signs your husband is ready to have an affair

Here are six major signs that precede an affair and whether you’re in a relationship or not.

26 Mar 2018 1:05 PM

Wife divorces husband in Dubai for charging £100 everytime he gave her a lift

Interestingly, the woman is the household’s sole breadwinner and pays the bills because her husband is unemployed and cannot hold down job.

22 Feb 2018 12:04 PM

DNA evidence reveals husband as offender in rape of woman on a drunken night out

The man was convicted of rape and is now serving a seven year jail term.

13 Dec 2017 3:19 PM

Men seen as less powerful when wife keeps her surname

The study examined whether peoples perceptions of a mans personality vary depending on whether his wife adopts his surname or keeps her own.

22 Nov 2017 12:04 PM

Woman married pet pooch she had adopted, says he is 'perfect' for her

Freelance embalmer tied knot with pet mutt, says despite people thinking she is mad, she feels that the pooch has been her biggest support.

11 Oct 2017 2:04 PM


Obesity in wives may lead to husbands going diabetic, says study

Research goes on to find that fat husbands, however, don’t have the same effect on their spouse.

12 Sep 2017 3:31 PM

Woman lists husband for sale on Facebook

Teresa Turner listed her husband for sale on Facebook only to his delight as he got a huge response from women.

12 Aug 2017 4:17 PM