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Keep it cool this summer!

The scorching summer heat is unavoidable. But with these tips, your homes and apartments will be cool and refreshing.

14 May 2019 12:48 AM

Weatherman says city temperature may rise further

The hot temperature is due to the northeasterly winds over the region, said IMD.

26 Mar 2019 2:39 AM

Here are 13 steps for hair care during monsoon

Monsoon is interspersed with times of heat and humidity which wrecks havoc on hair.

28 Jul 2018 12:33 PM

Delhi will continue to get intermittent rain, says Met

Various parts of Delhi have been witnessing patchy monsoon rains for the past few days.

18 Jul 2018 5:14 AM

Summering it up!

Nourish yourself with some oil: Taking care of your hair is essential and the same as taking care of your skin.

24 Apr 2018 12:34 AM


‘Rare’ drizzle brings respite to Mumbaikars

The maximum temperature dropped to 32 degrees on Thursday as a cloudy layer and cool breeze engulfed the city.

16 Mar 2018 6:20 AM

Heart attacks more likely in winters, says study

According to researchers, lower temperatures act as an external trigger for the life threatening condition.

28 Aug 2017 8:10 PM

Devotees observe Ramzan fast amid severe heat

According to devotees, while the first fast is usually the toughest, this year the same has become a struggle due to the heat and humidity.

29 May 2017 1:20 AM

Stay healthy, stay cool!

Don’t grab a chilled beer to cool off. Simple water with salt will do.

24 Apr 2017 10:00 PM