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Lawsuit accuses Facebook of enabling human traffickers

The lawsuit was filed in Houston against Facebook, the shuttered classifieds site and the owners of two Houston hotels.

03 Oct 2018 8:56 AM

Police apprehends Bangladeshi human trafficker

The accused would lure women and girl by promising them jobs in India, but they would be pushed into flesh trade.

08 Sep 2018 2:01 AM

‘A widespread evil, no country is free of it’

One of the best results to control trafficking has come from the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Right to Education (RTE).

31 Aug 2018 6:47 AM

Taken: Bengaluru human trafficking survivors tell all

Bala Chauhan learns firsthand of the devastation that traffickers, pimps and madams who run brothels inflict on their victims.

31 Aug 2018 2:28 AM

India and Nepal agree to tighten border security

The two security forces also decided to have regular co-ordination meets.

11 Aug 2018 5:15 AM


Take action against illegal agents trafficking people abroad: Sushma

Punjab woman was left at Dubai airport by her agent.

29 Jul 2018 12:53 AM

Lok Sabha passes bill to take on human trafficking

Besides prevention, rescue and rehabilitation, the bill covers aggravated forms of trafficking such as forced labour, begging and marriage.

27 Jul 2018 2:45 AM

Nearly 55,000 children kidnapped in India in 2016, says govt report

Charge sheets were filed in only 40.4 per cent of such cases with a conviction rate of 22.7 per cent.

08 Jul 2018 2:32 PM

26 minor girls rescued from train after passenger alerts railways with tweet

On July 5, a passenger on board train tweeted that he was travelling in S5 coach and noticed around 25 girls crying, looking uncomfortable.

06 Jul 2018 7:03 PM

Human trafficking must be reined in

The issue is bigger than Donald Trump’s history of U-turns on the burning matter of immigration.

24 Jun 2018 12:39 AM


14-year-old rescued by DCW, cops

Commission chairperson Swati Jaihind taking to Twitter said, “14-year-old Assamese girl rescued by DCW.

06 Jun 2018 6:25 AM

In India, boy victims of sex crimes not compensated, ignored

States run programmes to compensate victims of crimes including rape, but sexually abused boys end up not getting any financial help.

31 May 2018 8:41 AM

55-yr-old man held in Madhya Pradesh for using fake passport to settle in US

Accused Aamir Ali Khairani was arrested following a tip-off. During interrogation, he told police that he has become a US citizen.

18 May 2018 9:50 AM

Punter held for placing bets on IPL match

Sharma was allegedly caught while placing bets on the recent IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders.

11 May 2018 1:28 AM

Pak marriage racket: Brides say husbands shot first night videos, blackmailed

More than 15 girls were reportedly targeted by this group. The men used to marry them and shoot intimate videos of their wedding nights.

05 May 2018 4:52 PM


Rohingya refugees are now facing human trafficking

The Rohingyas are denied citizenship and basic rights by the government in their homeland, Myanmar.

03 May 2018 1:31 PM

India delays tough anti-trafficking legislation, survivors feel betrayed

Campaigners feel betrayed by delay in passing the tough anti-trafficking law, which promises speedy justice, rehabilitation to survivors.

26 Apr 2018 3:30 PM

Missing kids mostly killed or trafficked, say police

The latest data on the number of minors missing in the first three months of this year (January to March), has been pegged at 122.

21 Apr 2018 1:31 AM

Mumbai witnesses a spike in abduction of minors

360 kidnapped between Jan and Mar, 122 missing still.

21 Apr 2018 1:28 AM

Event managers doubled up as pimps, arrested

According to the police four women aged 22 to 25 years were rescued from the clutches of the flesh trade racketeers.

12 Apr 2018 2:11 AM