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US government not upfront about hackers targeting elections, so Congress relies on tech firms for alerts

With the Trump administration blocking what Congress learns about election threats, private companies are called upon to fill the breach.

19 Sep 2020 8:37 PM

Young group of hacker pals carried out Twitter attack, not Russia: NYT

The paper interviewed four people who took part in the hacking, who shared logs and screenshots to back up their statements of what happened

18 Jul 2020 8:57 PM

Govt seeks info from Twitter on Indian users affected by recent hack

CERT-In has also asked Twitter if affected users have been informed about unauthorised access to their Twitter accounts.

18 Jul 2020 5:39 PM

Not just the US election, even critical infrastructure faces rising foreign hacking threat

Virtual war games are being conducted to sharpen the US Cyber Command’s ability to counter online threats.

26 Jun 2020 6:48 PM

Websites taken down, police radio radio disrupted amid Black Lives Matter protests in US

There were interruptions to police radio frequencies in the last weekend of May as despatchers tried to direct responses to large protests.

12 Jun 2020 8:50 PM


Zoom will enhance security on free accounts too, firm says in deal reached on New York investigation

The company also agreed to conduct regular risk assessment and software code reviews to detect vulnerabilities.

08 May 2020 4:54 PM

Only paid Zoom users can opt not to have Zoom calls routed through China, free users can't choose

Amid concerns over information passing through China where it might be subject to snooping, users of the free app have no such protection

17 Apr 2020 1:40 PM

After Zoom gets hacked, Government issues advisory cautioning staff against using third-party apps

Stick to videoconferencing solutions provided by the government's National Informatics Centre, the advisory says

13 Apr 2020 4:33 PM

Zoom introduces security measures to ensure there is no more Zoombombing

Last week’s embarrassing hacking of official group calls by naked men exposed the lack of security in the videoconferencing web app

05 Apr 2020 2:58 PM

Warning! SpiceJet confirms data breach of 1.2 million passenger details

A security researcher gained access to one of the airline's systems by brute-forcing an easily-guessable password.

31 Jan 2020 7:10 AM


India plans security audit of WhatsApp after hacking attempt

WhatsApp last month sued Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, accusing it of helping clients break into the phones.

29 Nov 2019 7:44 AM

Activist asks Indian court to order probe into WhatsApp over hacking scandal

K.N. Govindacharya filed his petition accusing it of helping clients break into the phones of roughly 1,400 users across four continents.

05 Nov 2019 7:51 AM

32 passwords you should never use unless you are begging to be hacked

An analysis of about 20 million passwords has revealed that a mere 4.9 million were unique.

31 Oct 2019 12:26 PM

Russia dismisses hacking reports as 'unsavoury'

Moscow and Tehran have both repeatedly denied Western allegations over hacking.

25 Oct 2019 12:22 PM

For sexual content, ex-Yahoo engineer hacked into 6000 accounts

Ruiz, 34, used his employee access to the company's internal network to crack users' passwords.

02 Oct 2019 7:29 AM


Corporate servers threaten by supermicro bugs

The flaw in the remote management device could allow an attacker to plug in a 'virtual' thumb drive laden with malware.

04 Sep 2019 10:42 AM

Researchers find DSLRs vulnerable to ransomware

Check Point Software revealed that the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) is vulnerable to malware attacks.

13 Aug 2019 7:37 AM

Watch porn? New malware waits until you visit porn site, then starts recording

The Varenyky spambot starts recording your screen whenever you visit a porn website.

12 Aug 2019 1:31 PM

Chinese govt hackers suspected of part-time hacking projects

The group has used spear-phishing, or trick emails designed to elicit login information.

08 Aug 2019 11:00 AM

Top 3 Reasons to use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for SMBs

Hacking several small or medium sized businesses successfully can be more profitable than trying to hack a major company.

31 Jul 2019 8:56 PM