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guinness world record

In memory of fountain pen era, K'taka carpenter creates a 250 kg replica

The hefty model of the stationery weighs 250 kg, which has garnered a lot of attention since the time it was put on a display.

04 Sep 2019 2:20 PM

Likee creates Guinness World Record for its Independence Day campaign

, Indians created more than 2.5 lakh videos which garnered more than 225.3 million views.

24 Aug 2019 10:31 AM

Master of cubes

Twenty-year-old Chinmay Prabhu makes it to Guinness World Record by solving Pyraminx underwater in one minute and 48 seconds.

28 May 2019 12:22 AM

Abu Dhabi based father-son duo travel to India, breaks world record

The two visited seven heritage sites, covering nearly 300 km, in exactly 11 hours, 33 minutes and 18 seconds.

16 Aug 2018 4:26 PM

Man sets world record for swimming while bound in a sack

The Bulgarian swimmer already had one entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2013.

27 Jul 2018 5:21 PM


Garfield turns 40! Creator Jim Davis reveals the unanswered questions

Here's what went into creating the most iconic character that continues to resonate with all ages, ethnicities, genders and races.

11 Jun 2018 5:16 PM

Guinness record for longest ice-cream dessert set by giant sundae

It was topped with 300 gallons of chocolate and strawberry syrup, 2,000 cans of whipped cream, 25 pounds of sprinkles, and 20,000 cherries.

01 Apr 2018 5:26 PM

Hyderabad teen attempts Guinness world record, paints 140 sqm with her feet

Maganti attempted a Guinness world record by painting 140 sqm of roses and leaves with her feet - and tried to break the 100 sqm record.

05 Jan 2018 12:26 PM

Delhi: 5,300 students form largest human image of lung, set world record

The participants used the lung formation to show the effects of pollution: pink lungs turning into irreversible black lungs.

24 Dec 2017 10:39 AM

Bravo-cado: Hawaii woman seeks record for huge avocado

Wang submitted an application to Guinness and expects to hear back within two months.

12 Dec 2017 4:09 PM


India sets world record by cooking 918 kg khichdi

Other leading chefs including Imtiaz Qureshi, Ranveer Brar, Sudhir Sibal, Rakesh Sethi, Akshay Nayyar, Satish Gowda helped in the cooking.

04 Nov 2017 5:42 PM

‘Pineapple pen’ star to serenade Donald Trump on Japan visit

Trump is also set to play a round of golf with Japanese pro Hideki Matsuyama during his visit.

30 Oct 2017 1:58 PM

Samosa gets even bigger as world’s record is smashed in London

Volunteers build giant samosa then deep-fry it in a custom-built vat at an East London Mosque which is later served to the homeless.

23 Aug 2017 9:11 AM

Guinness Man spreads hope for kidneys at KEM Hospital

Driving from Chennai to Ladakh is the first activity undertaken by “Spreading Hope”.

19 Aug 2017 2:59 AM

At over 6 feet, Meerut boy makes Guinness World Record as tallest 8-yr-old

He already made it to the Guinness book of world records at the time of his birth as he weighed 7.8 kg and was 63 cm in height.

04 Jul 2017 4:30 PM


8-year-old Delhi boy breaks world record in limbo skating

Tiluck Keisam skated for 475 feet and 7 inches to break his previous record

05 May 2017 6:02 PM

Egyptian artist eyes record with 700-metre-long Quran

Saad Mohammed has hand-painted Islamic motifs on the walls and ceilings of his home in the town of Belqina.

04 May 2017 8:00 PM

Brit centenarian sets record with rollercoaster ride on 105th birthday

He has decided to donate all the money from the achievement to Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance

08 Apr 2017 12:12 PM

Runversation: A rum character takes the bait for a run

Chris Estwanik breezed past in a suit and broke the half marathon record for a free round of dark rum.

02 Apr 2017 6:23 AM

B'desh cyclist group enter Guinness Records for longest moving line of bicycles

The event was organised by BDCyclists, a social community that aims to promote healthy living as well as reduce congestion and pollution.

26 Jan 2017 4:32 PM