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Google Assistant

'Your News Update' feature removed by Google from its Assistant

Google has not revealed why it has decided to do away with this particular feature

06 Nov 2021 11:40 AM

Google makes its Lens technology available to KaiOS used on JioPhone

The image recognition and translation technology is available in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil, and soon in Kannada and Gujarati

21 Jul 2020 3:45 PM

People lose the touch, adopt the voice as covid makes Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant more useful

Voice control can mean avoiding commonly touched surfaces such as smartphones, TV remotes, light switches, thermostats and door handles.

10 May 2020 5:26 PM

Grocery stores and restaurants now listed on Google Pay’s Nearby Spot

The feature, similar to Quikr’s Still Open feature available in 23 cities, was launched in Bengaluru and will be rolled out to five metros.

14 Apr 2020 7:23 PM

Hey Google, tell me about Savitribai Phule: Assistant celebrates feminist icon

Savitribai Phule was the first to set up an Indian girls’ school, in Pune in 1848, and worked to end gender and caste-based discrimination

08 Mar 2020 5:45 PM


Celebrate Valentine's Day with 'Hey Google, turn up the love'

Google is adding a special feature for Valentine's Day that will make the occasion memorable.

14 Feb 2020 6:26 AM

Google Assistant will become translator for this airline’s guests

The interpreter mode allows Google Assistant to translate 29 languages, including Arabic, Russian, French, and Japanese.

09 Jan 2020 7:55 AM

Skip Siri, Google Assistant and get directions in your own voice

A new tool lets you use your voice to get directions removing need to rely on existing voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

01 Jan 2020 11:55 AM

Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Echo can be hacked using lasers; Here's how

These attacks called ‘Light Commands’ can be misused to unlock doors, shop on websites and start vehicles.

06 Nov 2019 12:46 PM

Google Assistant gets Issa Rae's voice to answer your queries

Rae's voice will be available as a cameo on the Google Assistant in English for a limited time.

11 Oct 2019 8:07 AM


Netflix brings '3%' episodic game to Alexa, Google Assistant

The free-to-play episodic game that is set in a dystopian future is coming to Amazon Alexa.

09 Oct 2019 10:07 AM

Google resumes human reviews of Assistant recordings with tweaked guidelines

Google Assistant will delete audio data which is older than a few months associated with an account.

24 Sep 2019 9:17 AM

Google says its making user audio recording storage from its assistant more secure

This follows after months of questioning & suspicion by privacy activists as well as the media over AI using companies' privacy measures.

23 Sep 2019 8:50 PM

New research in digital assistants reveals Google at the top, Amazon fast improving

Testing the three across 5 categories for performance, Google performed the best while Alexa improved the most.

19 Aug 2019 4:44 PM

Your naughty Google queries are probably leaked

More than a thousand recordings are claimed to have been leaked.

13 Jul 2019 7:55 AM


Eight people one video call

The new feature will be available in both iOS and Android versions but not in Google Assistant displays.

26 May 2019 1:56 AM

Chrome OS update unifies Google Assistant and device searches

The reworked search experience unifies Google Assistant, on-device and web search.

04 May 2019 2:01 PM

Google Assistant, Alexa will now provide government-related information

There are over 12,000 pieces of information available through the voice-enabled assistants.

23 Apr 2019 10:48 AM

Facebook working on voice assistant to rival Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri

The social networking service has been working on the new initiative since early 2018.

19 Apr 2019 11:28 AM

Google Assistant finally arrives on G Suite

The integration of the voice assistant is currently available in beta for Calendar.

12 Apr 2019 10:58 AM