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Astronomers measure Milky Way with radio waves

Astronomers say they hope to measure additional points around the galaxy to produce a map — the first of its kind — over the next decade.

23 Oct 2017 7:59 AM

Samsung launches Galaxy C8 with dual camera and face recognition

The device comes equipped with a dual camera setup and also uses facial recognition technology.

08 Sep 2017 6:52 PM

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 8: price, specifications and more

The smartphone is much like the Galaxy S8 but with a bigger screen and the S-Pen.

23 Aug 2017 9:40 PM

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ awarded EPEAT Gold rating

The certification is a joint initiative of the non-profit Green Electronics Council and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

07 Aug 2017 9:12 AM

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro now available in India

The device is now available for purchase for the Indian consumers at a price of Rs 20,990 via company’s e-store.

02 Aug 2017 5:52 PM


Why you should not use your cellphone on Aug 21

Keep your phone in your pocket, put on your paper shades.

31 Jul 2017 9:42 AM

Galaxy 10,000 light years far outshines Milky Way

The galaxy appears 11 times bigger than it really is.

16 Jul 2017 2:06 AM

Indian astronomers discover large supercluster of galaxies 'Saraswati'

This is one of the largest known structures in the neighbourhood of the universe, 4,000 million light-years away from Earth.

14 Jul 2017 9:00 AM

The fastest stars in the Milky Way might not actually be from this galaxy

A group of astronomers have shown that the fastest-moving stars in our galaxy are in fact runaways from a much smaller galaxy in orbit.

06 Jul 2017 10:38 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaked, dual-camera revealed

While looking at the renders of the Galaxy Note 8, the immediate thing you notice would be the redesigned back.

27 Jun 2017 9:11 PM


Samsung planning dual camera setup on Galaxy C series smartphone

Reports had stated that the Galaxy Note 8 would be the first Samsung smartphone to feature a dual-lens setup on the back

09 May 2017 5:47 PM

Ultra distant galaxy provides glimpse into early universe

The galaxy discovered by the astronomers is said to be aged about 13.1 billion years

12 Apr 2017 7:59 AM

Assam scientist leads breakthrough research on black holes

With the help of the NASA's Hubble Space telescope, the team of researchers discovered breakthrough result on black holes.

09 Apr 2017 1:04 PM

Samsung Galaxy S8+ prototypes show dual-camera setup

Samsung, it seems, abandoned its plans for the Galaxy S8+’s camera setup

03 Apr 2017 8:48 PM

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S8 – is it worth upgrading?

Let’s find out if there is any benefit in switching from the older S7 to the newly launched S8.

30 Mar 2017 2:09 PM


How the internet reacted to Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+ launch

Samsung revealed its two beasts and now it’s left to competition to up the benchmarks this year.

30 Mar 2017 10:39 AM

Yet another image of Galaxy S8+ launched, earbuds leaked as well

The leaks had been made by tipster @evleaks who now has released more press shots

21 Mar 2017 8:35 PM

South Korea prosecutor says expands charges against Samsung chief

Lee, third-generation leader of S.Korea's top conglomerate, has been identified as a suspect by prosecutors in an influence-peddling scandal

15 Feb 2017 9:34 PM

Samsung reveals next possible Galaxy Note

It is codenamed “Baikal” which is lake situated in southern Siberia, considered to be the deepest lake in the world

14 Feb 2017 9:41 PM

Two largest satellite galaxies Magellanic Clouds bridged by stars

For the past 15 years, scientists have been eagerly anticipating the data from Gaia.

10 Feb 2017 9:44 AM