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fossil fuel

At UN, Modi vows to more than double India’s green fuel target

Monday’s announcement during his speech at the global climate summit goes well beyond the pledge of 175 GW.

24 Sep 2019 1:52 AM

Hurry! Line up fossil fuel alternatives

For India Biomass-based energy generation has to be the major focus area of renewable energy programme.

30 Sep 2018 5:49 AM

Air conditioning could add to global warming woes: Study

Air quality is a big issue for public health.

04 Jul 2018 8:53 PM

Health savings outweigh costs of limiting global warming: study

Health costs from air pollution include medical treatment, patient care, and lost productivity.

03 Mar 2018 10:03 AM

Global fossil fuel emissions underestimated: Study

The study used data collected from 20 observatories world-wide.

27 Feb 2018 6:39 PM