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father of the nation

Mystic Mantra: Martyr’s Day musings

His martyrdom brought to fore the result of unrestrained hatred.

30 Jan 2019 1:34 AM

Mahatma Gandhi first appeared on currency note on his birth centenary

King's portrait was replaced by Lion Capital at Sarnath in lieu of the Gandhi Portrait.

02 Oct 2018 5:24 PM

We must strive to realise Gandhi’s dreams, says Venkaiah Naidu

“Ram Rajya” means an ideal rule, where there is no fear, hunger, corruption, exploitation and discrimination, he said.

03 Oct 2017 12:56 AM

10 quotes by Mahatma Gandhi that are still relevant today

We share a few famous sayings by Bapu during his struggle to bring Freedom to India that is as relevant now as they were then.

02 Oct 2017 1:32 PM