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Masks are the new fashion statement

Masked identities have become the norm Beauty bloggers, fashion designers suggest going with the flow and making the best of the mandate

28 May 2020 8:17 PM

Mohammed Azharuddin MAU.Azhar: Carving out a niche in the fashion world

His passion for fashion has worked for him and now he is just returning to the readers and people connected with his blog

04 May 2020 5:20 PM

Shimmer in bold blouses

Go glam with your saree blouse to make an instant statement and stand out!

09 Feb 2020 1:11 AM

A flowery touch to your outfit

Classic roseprints in various hues are the current rage this season. But it is important to get the look right, say experts.

26 Jan 2020 1:13 AM

Pink is the haute shade!

Bubblegum pink is the new rage this season so go ahead and indulge yourself.

15 Jan 2020 12:57 AM


Here’s to a quirky 2020!

Fashion goals this year will have a dash of out-of-the-box trends with a splash of awesomeness!

05 Jan 2020 1:45 AM

Black, reinvented

This is one shade that will always remain an eternal favourite. Here are some fun ways to flaunt this classic colour!

18 Nov 2019 12:36 AM

Winter wears a cosy ensemble

Jewellery, accessories, or apparel — this season, remember to go for collections that are stylish but season-friendly.

12 Nov 2019 12:46 AM

Layered treats

You don’t have to dress dowdily this winter just because you are a plus-sized woman.

10 Nov 2019 12:32 AM

Uneven details to stand out

The trend of sporting asymmetrical necklines is back this festive season to add some much need drama and wow factor to your outfit.

29 Sep 2019 12:19 AM


Make way for the ‘Fauxites’!

Globally, everyone has become so vanity-conscious. You have to be thin or fit to easily be accepted in ‘it’ groups.

15 Sep 2019 12:15 AM

Oh organza, you beauty!

Redefine fashion with this sinfully beautiful fabric which will add that chic look to your classy clothing.

09 Sep 2019 1:22 AM

Sleek and simple co-ords!

Want to give your wardrobe a style makeover, then follow these guidelines by our fashionistas.

26 Aug 2019 12:16 AM

Be Euro Ready!

If you are travelling abroad this Fall season, then follow these styletrends while holidaying in Europe or the US.

26 Aug 2019 12:15 AM

All ‘puff’ed up for the party!

Statement sleeves have made a comeback this season and who better than our fashionistas who showcase this trend.

21 Aug 2019 12:49 AM


Nothing like too much denim

Give yourself a complete makeover by adding denims in different hues to your wardrobe. A touch of denim is sure to give you a wow factor.

12 Aug 2019 12:46 AM

Grooming ‘EM Lads’

Guys, acing college fashion with these styling tips, will make your personality do the talking.

22 Jul 2019 2:02 AM

It’s all an inside job!

The perfect lingerie can do more good than you might have Known. Here are ways to find your perfect fit.

18 Jun 2018 12:27 AM