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Marketing experts Akash and Aniket shares their brilliance on online campaigns

This dynamic duo advertising friends also happen to be superb marketing experts

09 Feb 2021 8:48 PM

Disney cuts big chunk of ads on Facebook, Instagram

Disney, Facebook's biggest advertiser this year, joins hundreds of firms that paused spending on the social media platforms.

20 Jul 2020 1:56 PM

Having 8 million advertisers, will Facebook be hurt because a few dozen boycott it?

Data of past boycotts suggests the observable impact is relatively mild, a business intelligence firm said.

02 Jul 2020 8:54 PM

Why you end up paying more for mobile phones, hotel because of Facebook, Google ads

UK regulators say the duopoly are indulging in anti-competitive practices and wants to regulate the two US Big Tech companies.

02 Jul 2020 5:19 PM

Facebook losing ads because of its inaction against hate speech

Popular US icecream brand Ben & Jerry’s becomes latest to join Facebook ad boycott

24 Jun 2020 4:31 PM


Use of Nazi symbol touches a nerve with Zuckerberg, but he's fine with ads peddling lies

Trump campaign ad removed for featuring Nazi-era symbol used to denote political prisoners in concentration camps alongside millions of Jews

19 Jun 2020 5:51 PM

Here's Facebook, Instagram's plan of action for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Beginning early next year, Facebook will show a disclaimer on all political ads by providing details of the advertisers.

07 Dec 2018 1:52 PM

How Facebook Ads targets its users

Facebook made $40 billion in advertising revenue last year, second only to Google when it comes to the global digital advertising market.

14 Apr 2018 7:34 AM

Zuckerberg backs political ad bill, introduces new verification process for 'issue ads'

It is designed to deter the kind of election meddling and online information warfare that US authorities have accused Russia of pursuing.

07 Apr 2018 2:07 PM