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Drink your way to a smarter you with wine

According to an expert, wine is not only healthy but can also make your brain function more efficiently.

09 Dec 2017 5:25 PM

Comics can help raise awareness on law and order: Delhi Police

Lessons learnt through comic books will have greater impact on young minds.

03 Dec 2017 11:00 AM

Smoking, drinking worsen prognosis for head and neck cancers

Worldwide, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is the seventh most common type of cancer.

02 Dec 2017 1:15 PM

Find out more about the 4 kinds of wine-drinkers

Study could change the entire interaction between a wine waiter and diner, moving from an objective perspective to a subjective one.

11 Nov 2017 9:15 AM


High alcohol intake linked to several types of cancer, says study

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) hopes to draw attention to strong links between drinking and risks for cancer.

08 Nov 2017 11:05 AM

Managing heart disease through quality stents

A stent, once implanted, remains in the body forever and hence, the quality of the device should be given prime importance.

15 Oct 2017 10:38 AM

Hangover-free cocktails are on the way

Here's how researchers created it.

06 Oct 2017 5:58 PM

Drinking too much ups risk of cancer in students

Study finds that having five or more beers for men, or four for women, within two hours leads to distinctive changes in brain activity.

15 Sep 2017 2:18 PM

Young mums may drink too much, says study

Study of maternal alcohol use is first to focus on age at transition to motherhood as a predictor of risky drinking.

25 Aug 2017 9:24 AM


Here's how stress-booze combo messes with your head

The study's findings suggest healthier alternatives to combat stress.

31 Jul 2017 6:15 PM

Moderate drinking cuts diabetes risk, says study

Researchers say that polyphenols in wine have a positive effect on management of blood sugar in human body.

29 Jul 2017 10:24 AM

Drinking? Not invited to this UP wedding

The invitation clearly mentions “sharaab peekar aana sakth mana hai (coming to marriage after consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited)”.

18 Jun 2017 1:13 AM

Teen drunkenness linked to an early death: study

Researchers analyzed data from interviews hat asked people if they had ever had a drunken episode and at what age.

09 Jun 2017 12:57 PM

Drink at pubs with friends to boost health: study

Moderate alcohol consumption may improve well-being due to the increased social interaction

09 Jan 2017 12:35 PM


Alcohol abuse may up heart attack risk: study

People with alcohol abuse are at three times the risk than normal people to be affected by heart disease

03 Jan 2017 1:52 PM