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Petrol price up by 7 paise, diesel by Rs 5 paise across major cities

In Delhi petrol and diesel are the cheapest among all metros and most state capitals due to lower taxes.

12 Sep 2019 12:52 PM

Petrol, diesel costlier by around Rs 5 per litre in Rajasthan

The Centre on Friday announced a Re 1 per litre increase each in excise duty and road cess levied on the fuels.

06 Jul 2019 3:43 PM

Elections over, fuel prices begin to rise

The price of petrol has risen by 83 paise per litre in the nine days and diesel by 73 paise

28 May 2019 4:46 PM

Petrol price up by Rs 3.5, diesel by Rs 5 this year

Petrol price up by 7 paise whereas diesel was raised by 10 paise per litre.

05 Mar 2019 2:41 PM

Fuel prices witness marginal rise in Delhi, Mumbai

petrol prices in Mumbai saw an increase of 07 paise to be sold at Rs 76.18 per litre.

18 Jan 2019 1:21 PM


Petrol price breaches Rs 70-mark, diesel crosses Rs 64

In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 75.77 a litre and diesel is priced at Rs 67.18.

14 Jan 2019 2:17 PM

Petrol price hiked by 19 paise, diesel by 28 paise

In Mumbai, petrol now costs Rs 74.72 a litre and diesel is priced at Rs 65.73.

11 Jan 2019 3:04 PM

Petrol price slashed to its lowest level in 2018, diesel rates at 9-month low

Petrol price on Sunday was cut by 22 paise per litre while diesel rates were reduced by 23 paise to nine-month low.

30 Dec 2018 2:18 PM

Petrol, diesel prices unlikely to flare up ahead of 2019 polls

OMC didn’t cut rates in real terms during recent softening of crude prices to build a buffer.

14 Dec 2018 9:57 AM

Petrol price dips below Rs 74 mark, diesel wipes off all hike

Petrol price in Mumbai today stood at Rs 79.12 per litre and diesel was priced at Rs 71.71.

28 Nov 2018 2:19 PM


Global fall may bring petrol, diesel prices at same level soon

Petrol is being retailed in Delhi at Rs 76.38 a litre while diesel at Rs 71.27 a litre.

21 Nov 2018 10:52 AM

Fuel prices continue to decline on Tuesday

The petrol price in Delhi was revised to Rs 81.34 per litre, while that in Mumbai was Rs 86.81 per litre.

23 Oct 2018 11:26 AM

Diesel price continues to rise, petrol stagnant

Diesel in Delhi is being retailed at Rs 75.46 per litre and Rs 77.31 per litre in Kolkata.

15 Oct 2018 10:59 AM

Govt may not burden OMCs further with fuel subsidy

The market capitalisation of six large oil companies has falled by Rs 1.2 lakh crore.

12 Oct 2018 8:57 AM

Crude oil imports may be cut as fuel crosses Rs 90

Since mid-August, petrol has risen by Rs 5.58 a litre and diesel by Rs 5.3 a litre.

25 Sep 2018 9:00 AM


Petrol prices continue to surge, breaches Rs 90-mark in Mumbai

A litre of petrol was being sold at Rs 90.08 in Mumbai, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) stated.

24 Sep 2018 10:04 AM

Karnataka govt cuts fuel prices by Rs 2 per litre

Rising fuel prices have created a political storm with the opposition launching a scathing attack against the Modi govt.

17 Sep 2018 12:26 PM

Petrol, diesel price hiked by steepest level in a year; rates at record high

Opposition parties have announced nationwide strikes and protests next week over record-high fuel prices.

07 Sep 2018 6:01 PM

Modi govt selling petrol, diesel cheaper abroad: Congress

Randeep Surjewala claimed the common man was suffering due to spiralling prices of such products.

31 Aug 2018 3:42 PM

Fuel prices on the rise: Petrol Rs 78.52, diesel Rs 70.21 in Delhi

People are facing problems due to rise in the price of petrol and diesel.

31 Aug 2018 12:17 PM