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Gems, jewellery exports dip 38% in July as virus slows global demand

In the April to July period, cut and polished diamond exports plunged 46.5% from a year ago to $2.7 billion, GJEPC said

13 Aug 2020 4:16 PM

Celebrities support “Real Heroes - Real diamonds of India” campaign

Initiative to honour health workers, Police Women, social workers amongst others

11 Apr 2020 2:43 PM

Russia’s Alrosa to steer clear of lab-grown stones

Alrosa accepts that lab-grown diamonds are increasingly flooding diamond markets, including India.

13 Jan 2020 2:30 AM

Sparkle in sustainable diamonds!

A growing number of conscious, young consumers want to buy lab grown diamonds and not the natural ones sourced in unethical ways from mines.

01 Dec 2019 8:21 AM

Law to mark out real and lab-made diamonds likely

Cheaper synthetic diamonds being passed off as natural diamonds is a matter of concern for the consumers.

18 Jun 2019 6:42 AM


Circular trading in diamonds back

Since October, the import of cut and polished diamonds has started coming down drastically.

11 Feb 2019 7:05 AM

Diamond studded Lord Ganesha crowd-puller in Surat

The bigger idol has diamond studded ears, hands and feet along with gold and diamond necklaces.

15 Sep 2018 12:47 PM

Huge diamond cache likely buried in Earth's interior: Study

Diamond is not perhaps this exotic mineral, but on the (geological) scale of things, it is relatively common.

16 Jul 2018 7:06 PM

Massive £10 million diamond found in Africa

The stunner was unearthed by mining firm Lucapa in an area that is relatively unexplored.

30 Jun 2018 4:00 PM

Flawless white diamonds, among largest ever offered, to go on sale

Sotheby’s also said it was auctioning “The Farnese Blue,” a roughly 6 carat blue diamond.

13 Apr 2018 10:14 AM


Water may exist in Earth's lower mantle, shows diamonds study

The pressures that formed these deeper diamonds are estimated at about 24 to 25 gigapascals.

18 Mar 2018 5:56 PM

Make India international trading centre for diamonds: Modi

India has made rapid strides to become the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of cut and polished diamonds, the PM noted.

20 Mar 2017 8:31 AM

Lodha PMLA case: ED recovers diamonds, rubies from bank locker

ED is now trying to evaluate the exact price of the recoveries, even as two more bank lockers belonging to Lodha are to be opened.

29 Dec 2016 2:02 PM

Kohinoor secret deep inside Earth

Diamonds form deep in the Earth’s mantle and shoot to the surface in minor volcanic eruptions of magma.

17 Dec 2016 5:24 AM