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diabetes mellitus

How to deal with Nocturia

If you happen to be waking up twice or more every night to make an urgent trip to the bathroom, then you could be suffering from nocturia.

14 Apr 2019 12:04 AM

Sedentary lifestyles more harmful if type 2 diabetes in the family: study

We know the benefits of exercise, the challenge now is to encourage people to simply move more and sit less.

18 Mar 2018 1:44 PM

Breastfeeding cuts mother's hypertension risk

Oxytocin release stimulated by breastfeeding may be associated with the decreased risk of these diseases.

30 Jan 2018 3:33 PM

11.5 kg tumour removed from man's abdomen, says hospital

Marwah was unaware of the tumour, except that there was an increase in his weight and a dragging sensation on the right side of the abdomen.

22 Feb 2017 9:14 AM