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Democracy 'safe' as long as Hindus remain in majority: Union minister

While population of Muslims has increased considerably in India, the number of Hindus has fallen drastically in Pakistan after Partition.

17 Nov 2017 10:32 AM

'True democratic spirit' necessary for country's future, says Modi

Modi said that people should know the existing system in political parties, including how decisions are taken by their leaders.

29 Oct 2017 5:59 AM

'True democratic spirit' necessary for country's future, says Modi

The country is not much aware of the practice of democracy within parties and the media should turn its attention to it, Modi said.

28 Oct 2017 7:22 PM

Don’t compromise over freedom of expression

The content of the movie and a dalit writer’s books may be contentious and drew vehement opposition most recently.

23 Oct 2017 12:10 AM

IAS officer slams movie Newton on Facebook

The movie projected the tribals disconnected from government.

17 Oct 2017 7:24 AM


To curb dynasties, need law to regulate parties

One may fault the BJP and the Left parties for many things, but dynastic politics is not one of them.

04 Oct 2017 12:46 AM

Nigerian fashion magazine stirs debate about men in skirts

The magazine reflects the growth of a more public debate in some parts of the continent about gender issues.

21 Sep 2017 2:07 PM

As Nawaz goes, and keeps quiet, the ‘system’ too shuts up

Nawaz with his base in Punjab and mind set on peace with India is a policy-politics threat that would always have to be managed.

18 Sep 2017 12:11 AM

A democracy run by undemocratic leaders?

The ideology of the political class is to eschew ideology on the altar of self-promotion.

10 Sep 2017 12:19 AM

Democracy survives: When ‘loss’ isn’t ‘defeat’

Today India is deeply polarised, fractured and an increasingly fragmented polity with an ongoing “consolidation of the fragmented”.

17 Aug 2017 12:35 AM


India@70: Let’s get the basics right

Democracy is a modern system of governance and organising the State and society.

15 Aug 2017 12:00 AM

BJP greedy for power, has put democracy at risk: Mayawati

The BSP chief said the central government had misused its power in a very blatant manner in Gujarat.

29 Jul 2017 5:11 PM

BJP is a party of principles, democracy, says Amit Shah

BJP governments do not take decision that people like, but they take decisions that are good for the people, says Shah.

22 Jul 2017 5:31 AM

People have to fight fear: J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti

Says efforts must be made for establishing a prosperous Jammu and Kashmir.

14 Jul 2017 1:38 AM

Emergency: Have all learnt lessons from it?

The Opposition now speaks of “an undeclared Emergency” in the country.

27 Jun 2017 12:12 AM


Constructive criticism strengthens democracy: PM on NDA's 3 years

The prime minister said he believes that in a democracy, a government must present its report card to the people.

28 May 2017 1:31 PM

Nepal PM hangs boots in power-sharing deal

Prachanda announced his resignation while addressing the nation in a live telecast.

25 May 2017 7:18 AM

Anarchy prevailing in state: Dilip Ghosh

Students were attending schools only for midday meals, Mr Ghosh added.

22 May 2017 5:43 AM

Parties get 15 days more to file overseas funds details

AAP alleged that the Centre’s move was a clear case of “political witch-hunt” and that it was very “dangerous” for democracy.

18 May 2017 7:13 AM

Sonam: Call me a bimbo, a naachne wali, but I’m smartly capable of expressing an opinion

She wonders out loud why is it wrong to question the status quo and even sometimes the government.

22 Apr 2017 11:13 AM