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Millions of apps risk data leaks due to third party code

Deeper analysis of apps show that data is sent unencrypted over HTTP, which means it is unprotected when it travels to the servers.

24 Apr 2018 2:35 PM

New Roaming Mantis malware affecting smartphones in Asia: Report

The Roaming Mantis malware checks if the device is rooted and requests permission to be notified of any activity undertaken by the user.

19 Apr 2018 2:37 PM

Symantec analytics enables to uncover most sophisticated cyber attacks

AI and machine learning innovations automate capabilities of Symantec’s investigations team to zero in on the most pressing threats.

18 Apr 2018 2:43 PM

Asia, Middle East a hotbed of new threats: Report

According to experts, routers will continue to be a target for attackers as a way of getting a foothold in a victim´s infrastructure.

17 Apr 2018 2:16 PM

Reddit takes down accounts suspected of ties to Russian propaganda

The company said 316 posts from the Russian accounts were made on the popular pro-Trump page.

11 Apr 2018 8:45 AM


Arizona election database targeted in 2016 by criminals, not Russia: Reports

US officials have repeatedly said publicly that at least 21 of the 50 states had experienced initial probing from Russian hackers in 2016.

09 Apr 2018 11:59 AM

Facebook to send Cambridge Analytica data-use notices today

87 million users, who might have had their data shared with Cambridge Analytica, will get a detailed message on their news feeds.

09 Apr 2018 7:41 AM

Facebook: Most users may have had public data ‘scraped’

Facebook is shutting down a feature that let people search for Facebook users by phone number or email address.

06 Apr 2018 8:32 AM

Is your smartphone snooping on you?

Allowing third-party applications access to your smartphone's data puts your information at risk.

02 Apr 2018 2:08 PM

Facebook cuts ties to data brokers in blow to targeted ads

The company wants to show it as a step that follows a scandal over how Facebook handles personal information.

29 Mar 2018 8:10 AM


Furore erupts around PM Modi's app over alleged data sharing

Elliot Alderson posted series of tweets stating the app was sending personal user data to a American third-party domains.

26 Mar 2018 9:42 AM

Facebook ads apologise for Cambridge Analytica scandal

“We’re now taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” read the ads

26 Mar 2018 9:07 AM

New Facebook email scam on the rise

If you have received any email from Facebook lately asking for account verification of your page, then read this.

24 Mar 2018 8:37 PM

'A stitch in time saves nine' — Mitigating security breach

A breach can cause immense loss if the concerned organisation is not prepared.

23 Mar 2018 2:03 PM

Beware: New Jio DTH SMS scam on the rise

Scamsters are using the rumoured Jio DTH set-top box to rob people of their important credentials.

16 Mar 2018 9:50 PM


Chinese-speaking APT actor caught spying on pharmaceutical organisations

The infamous PlugX malware has been detected in pharmaceutical organisations in Vietnam, aimed at stealing precious business information.

15 Mar 2018 1:54 PM

Health care attacks, fileless malware, cryptocurrency mining on surge: McAfee

McAfee catalogs 478 new cyber threats every minute, eight every second.

13 Mar 2018 2:55 PM

Relationship break-ups put personal privacy at risk: Kaspersky report

Privacy is becoming an increasingly fluid concept in a world of digital borders.

06 Mar 2018 3:08 PM

Hackers spread malware thorugh Telegram

The vulnerability was used to deliver multipurpose malware, which can be used either as a backdoor or as a tool to deliver mining software.

15 Feb 2018 9:41 PM

Games organizers confirm cyber attack, won't reveal source

The Games’ systems, including the internet and television services, were affected by the hack two days ago.

11 Feb 2018 11:32 AM