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cognitive decline

Covert strokes more common than overt in older people

Studies reveal that silent strokes common in older patients.

19 Aug 2019 9:30 AM

Healthy diet, regular exercise reason behind improving brain power in elderly, says study

Results showed those who exercised showed greater improvements in executive functioning skills compared to those who did not exercise.

22 Dec 2018 11:16 AM

Exercise may improve thinking in sedentary seniors with cognitive decline

Study found exercise improved executive function, which involves person’s ability to regulate behaviour, organize ideas and achieve goals.

20 Dec 2018 4:40 PM

Lowering blood pressure helps prevent mental decline, says study

It's the first time a single step has been clearly shown to help prevent cognitive decline.

25 Jul 2018 9:11 PM

World Chocolate Day: 7 health benefits of chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health.

07 Jul 2018 10:11 AM


Maintaining healthy vision may help keep brain in shape, too

Worsening vision can discourage people from brain-stimulating activities like doing crosswords and engaging with other people.

05 Jul 2018 3:09 PM

Exercise does not delay decline in people with dementia:study

There are about 10 million new dementia cases each year.

17 May 2018 10:42 AM

Limp handshake could mean you're at risk of a deadly heart attack, says study

Studies show feeble grip may condemn us to prematurely losing our good health and intelligence.

09 May 2018 12:24 PM

Losing spouse late in life linked to cognitive decline, says study

While cognitive functioning declines over time for everyone, it degrades faster for those who had been widowed, regardless of remarriage.

21 Apr 2018 7:41 AM

Alzheimer’s could be cured using brain pacemakers

New research shows implant being fitted directly into patients’ skulls.

31 Jan 2018 12:21 PM


High blood sugar may lead to cognitive decline: study

Cognitive function was assessed at baseline and reassessed every two years.

29 Jan 2018 3:46 PM

Working out twice a week may be best medicine for cognitive decline

MCI becomes increasingly common at older ages and is characterised by mild problems with thinking and memory.

08 Jan 2018 8:05 AM

Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins: study

Amyloid beta levels in sleep-deprived people were 25 to 30 per cent higher than in those who had slept the night through.

30 Dec 2017 4:04 PM

Cognitive decline may be prevented through healthy lifestyle, says study

Many risk factors for atherosclerosis can be modified by following a healthy diet and adequate physical activity.

18 Oct 2017 1:33 PM

Healthy heart can protect brain from cognitive decline

Odds of blood vessel damage can be minimized by keeping BP, sugars, cholesterol levels in blood within safe range.

14 Sep 2017 8:57 AM


Alzheimer's drug for cognitive impairment may be risky

Many people with the condition display symptoms similar to those caused by Alzheimer's disease.

27 Feb 2017 9:43 AM

Brain games linked to delayed cognitive decline

Devoting several hours a week over several months to learning new activities may be associated with better brain function.

01 Feb 2017 10:34 AM

Walking style can predict memory, thinking decline

Alterations in several gait parameters were associated with decline in memory, thinking and language skills.

29 Nov 2016 6:14 PM

Blood pressure drugs cannot prevent cognitive decline: study

Researchers saw a trend toward possible benefits from drug therapy in patients who had the highest blood pressure.

14 Nov 2016 12:52 PM