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cognitive abilities

Structure and brain functions of drummers differ from others

Studies reveal that playing drums changes the brain.

15 Dec 2019 7:35 PM

Magnetic stimulation might reverse concussion symptoms

Study shows that magnetic therapy may reverse concussion symptoms.

31 May 2019 10:15 AM

Masturbation aides better cognitive abilities

On World Masturbation Day, here are reasons why you should embrace the concept of self-pleasure.

28 May 2019 5:00 PM

Dehydration can lower cognitive abilities: Study

Older people can dry out more easily because they often lose their sensation of thirst and their kidneys are less able to concentrate urine.

21 Jul 2018 2:29 PM

It is good if your child cradles their dolls on the left, says study

According to researchers, it is a sign of youngster having better cognitive abilities and social skills.

28 Jun 2018 10:12 AM


Slower walking can lead to Dementia: Study

People who had a poorer ability to think and make decision were also more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.

24 Mar 2018 3:42 PM