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Scientists across country congratulate ISRO for successful launch of Chandrayaan-2

This mission will make India the fourth country after the United States, Russia, and China to carry out a soft landing on the Moon.

22 Jul 2019 8:40 PM

Chandrayaan-2: SRK, Prabhas, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan and others congratulate ISRO

Bollywood celebs took to social media to congratulate ISRO on the massive achievement. Read posts.

22 Jul 2019 5:07 PM

'Bounced back with flying colours,' says ISRO chief K Sivan on successful launch

'It is beginning of historic journey of India towards moon, carry out scientific experiments,' he also said.

22 Jul 2019 4:18 PM

What will Chandrayaan-2 do on Moon for the next one year?

It is expected to finally land near the South Pole of the Moon on September 7, 2019, and carry out three scientific experiments.

22 Jul 2019 3:59 PM

'Will be etched in annals of our glorious history': PM Modi lauds team Chandrayaan-2

'Thanks to Chandrayaan, India’s Lunar Programme will get a substantial boost,' PM Modi said.

22 Jul 2019 3:37 PM


ISRO keeps date with moon, successfully launches Chandrayaan-2

The Chandrayaan-2 will make a soft landing on the Moon on September 7, 2019.

22 Jul 2019 2:41 PM

Chandrayaan 2: 'Rocket Women' lead India's second lunar mission

Chandrayaan-2 project is led by Muthyya Vanitha as project director and Ritu Karidhal as mission director.

22 Jul 2019 2:18 PM

Meet Chandrakanta, from Bengal farmer's son to key member of Chandrayaan-2

Chandrakanta has designed the antenna systems for the Indian satellites and ground stations.

22 Jul 2019 2:15 PM

Chandrayaan-2: Everything you need to know about India's maiden Moon mission

To accomplish the voyage, it would take 54 days to land on the Moon through meticulously planned orbital phases.

22 Jul 2019 12:07 PM

Ahead of Chandrayaan-2 launch ISRO chief says, 'technical snags rectified'

The Mission is slated to launch on July 22 at 2:43 pm.

21 Jul 2019 4:33 PM


Moon mission a giant leap for India

India will become the fourth nation to be able to reach the moon after America, Russia and China.

21 Jul 2019 12:31 AM

Chandrayaan-2 set for new launch at 2.43 pm July 22

Chandrayaan 2 was called off in the early hours of July 15 after the Indian Space Research Organisation encountered a technical snag.

19 Jul 2019 1:12 AM

Chandrayaan-2 launch rescheduled for July 22, says ISRO

Chandrayaan 2 was called off in the early hours of July 15 after the Indian Space Research Organisation encountered a technical snag.

18 Jul 2019 11:30 AM

Chandrayaan-2 blast-off halted over fuel leak: Reports

'As a measure of abundant precaution Chandrayaan 2 launch has been called off,' ISRO said.

16 Jul 2019 1:34 PM

Chandrayaan-2 launch: New date after probe by experts

The mission was stopped 56 minutes and 24 seconds before lift-off at 1.55 am following an announcement from the Mission Control Centre.

16 Jul 2019 4:35 AM


‘Better late than never’: Twitter erupts in support after ISRO delays Chandrayaan-2

ISRO said the countdown was stopped 56 minutes before the launch as an 'abundant precaution' after a 'technical snag'.

15 Jul 2019 10:36 AM

Chandrayaan-2 launch called off due to technical glitch

As a measure of abundant precaution, #Chandrayaan2 launch has been called off for today.

15 Jul 2019 2:55 AM

India counts down as Isro reaches for Moon

So a mission like Chandrayaan-2 will not only serve erudite scientists but also the common man.

15 Jul 2019 1:49 AM

Chandrayaan-2 cheaper than Avengers Endgame: This is what foreign media has to say

It would put India in league with lunar pioneers --- the US, Russia and China.

14 Jul 2019 1:25 PM

Chandrayaan-2: 20-hour countdown to Moon begins for lift-off

'The countdown started at 6.51 am,' K Sivan, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), told IANS.

14 Jul 2019 11:23 AM