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cardiovascular diseases

Self-silencing in women can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases

Self-silencing linked to heightened risk of stroke, cardiovascular diseases.

25 Sep 2019 12:06 PM

Childhood cancer survivors more prone to heart ailments

Those who survived cancer in childhood are at an increased risk of heart ailments: Study.

27 Aug 2019 10:47 AM

Save yourself from the smog

Here’s all that you need to know about smog and its dangerous impacts on our health.

26 Apr 2019 9:25 PM

Can fainting spells be life-threatening?

Here’s is all that you need to know about fainting and why identifying its underlying cause is extremely important.

29 Mar 2019 7:13 PM

Exposure to toxic metals linked to cardiovascular diseases

Here is what a new study has found.

30 Aug 2018 9:01 AM


Beat the risk of frailty with healthy heart

The researchers analysed uncontrolled high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels and being a current smoker.

21 May 2018 4:42 PM

Can diet affect the age you start menopause?

A diet with lots of refined pasta and rice showed that menopause was more likely to occur one and a half years earlier than average.

01 May 2018 2:13 PM

Bummer day at work? Take a fun break

Repeated negative thoughts about work may also be linked to several health problems.

24 Apr 2018 12:43 PM

Sridevi's death reveals lack of cardiac arrest treatment for women

Women were 25 percent less likely than men to undergo coronary angiography.

25 Feb 2018 4:21 PM

Migraine ups risk of cardiovascular diseases, says study

While migraines are linked to increased risk of heart attacks, study shows headaches may also be tied to other cardiovascular problems.

10 Feb 2018 8:12 AM


Managing heart disease through quality stents

A stent, once implanted, remains in the body forever and hence, the quality of the device should be given prime importance.

15 Oct 2017 10:38 AM

Frequent sauna bathing may cut high BP risk in men: study

Elevated blood pressure is documented to be one of the most important risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

30 Sep 2017 2:56 PM

Hormone therapy improves sleep quality in recently menopausal women

Here's what researchers found.

30 Aug 2017 5:36 PM

Fermented red clover during menopause cuts risk of mood swings

A research team investigated fermented red clover extract as a healthier alternative to traditional estrogen therapy.

16 Jul 2017 5:41 PM


Even low dose of x-rays may harm heart, says study

People who are exposed to low level of ionising radiation show significantly increased risk of cardiovascular damage.

15 Jul 2017 12:57 PM

Small changes to eating habits may increase lifespan

Researchers say choosing healthier foods now and then may significantly boost one's chances of living longer.

14 Jul 2017 11:30 AM