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Book review Page-7

Raj days: When women were honoured in their absence

The Portuguese, who had preceded the British, used to send annual batches of women for marriage with their officials in Goa.

11 May 2018 12:29 AM

Book review: Dera Sacha Sauda and Gurmeet Ram Rahim, investigating a godman

Anurag Tripathi’s new and explosive book chronicles his search for the truth behind the man once touted to be God.

10 May 2018 4:55 PM

Iconic Indian restaurants’ recipe for success

The book showcases many dishes that have become part of our vocabulary like Chicken Manchurian and Chicken 65.

29 Apr 2018 1:23 AM

Poignant stories in old-fashioned style

The first few stories in the book were not what I expected at all. They were amusing...

29 Apr 2018 1:22 AM

When reality comes wrapped in fiction

The books talks about the modern-day dynamics between a husband-wife relationship but fails to catch the warmth that such a close relationship has.

29 Apr 2018 1:20 AM


A must-read for decision-makers, this book is sure to fascinate all

This book is an account of Major Johorey’s extraordinary journey of service life, which inspired Gen. Banerjee, to record it...

20 Apr 2018 12:13 AM

Book Review One Enduring Lesson: A journey in love, loss, spirituality

Bildungsroman of sorts, Merchant’s novel sees his protagonist struggle through life's adversity in pursuit of happiness.

19 Apr 2018 12:59 PM

A treat for those wanting to learn heartfulness

Meditation renews spiritual energy and is a means of building self-control and striking a balance between the spiritual and the mundane.

08 Apr 2018 12:52 AM

Acquainting American readers with Asia’s third-largest economy

Ayres needs no introduction to those who follow international affairs.

06 Apr 2018 12:18 AM

Sublime poetry with stunning metaphors

As Roy writes, “Women, unlike men, are called at their workplace for example, over the missing sock of a child.

01 Apr 2018 1:30 AM


Traditional romance from another era

The boundaries between Zarish and Ahmar’s personal and professional relationship dissolves and the result is some cringe-worthy dialogues

01 Apr 2018 1:29 AM

You’ll come out of it with a dislike for Kejriwal

Kejriwal helped citizens use the RTI as a tool to secure rights and information, meaning such things as rations, electricity connections and so on.

01 Apr 2018 1:27 AM

Magically unreal with a touch of absurd

Magic realism is a difficult genre to pull off but Paralkar has managed to do so with aplomb.

25 Mar 2018 12:45 AM

A summary of ruptures

In its materiality it asserts the power of the printed word and the reaction it triggers in those who fear the word.

25 Mar 2018 12:44 AM

A life not seen through rose-tinted glasses

In a career spanning almost four decades and more than 100 films, Sanjay Dutt has only around 10 noteworthy films, a poor average by any standard.

25 Mar 2018 12:43 AM


How Tibet lost its independence and India its gentle neighbour

It relates to the sequence of events and the role of KM Panikkar, the Indian Ambassador in China, during the weeks after the invasion of Tibet.

23 Mar 2018 12:41 AM

Cracking symbols the Dan Brown way

The stakes are high — a terrorist group is plotting to destroy India’s most significant and recognisable symbol of Mughal architecture.

18 Mar 2018 1:42 AM

How the British took control of Punjab

The colour and detail has been carefully gathered by the author.

28 Jan 2018 12:45 AM

Book review Castles in the Air: A witty but stark look at the world of architecture

Author Sangeet Sharma in a humorous manner looks at the issues that plague architecture as a subject of study and profession.

19 Jan 2018 7:32 PM

Hankering for a deep read? Get Shikari

The translation is very good, despite the translator’s fears about bringing this complex and densely-written Kannada book to another audience.

14 Jan 2018 2:58 AM