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How Pakistan is courting the abyss

For Jinnah, ‘Pakistan’ was more a means of grasping power, rather than any conviction of creating an Islamic state.

23 Jun 2017 12:48 AM

Book review: The enduring legacy of Bapu

A grandson of the Mahatma, the author does not suppress his inner admiration or affection for the figure of the textured revolutionary.

04 Jun 2017 12:34 AM

Big Bang Theory star shares her wisdom in Girling Up

Bialik joins her intelligence with experience in Girling Up, a wide-ranging handbook on navigating the emotional and physical hurdles of growing up.

02 Jun 2017 1:51 AM

Book review: Lata, with malice towards none at all...

The book has carefully avoided anything which has the faintest semblance of controversy.

28 May 2017 12:38 AM

Book review: Romancing the past, fauji style

At heart, this book is about a love affair between a peacenik and a pilot with war as the backdrop.

28 May 2017 12:28 AM


Book review: Where death plays like a broken record

The problem with writing similar books so quickly together is that the Dickensian pathos Salim is trying to achieve is lost.

21 May 2017 1:07 AM

Blurring the lines between science and religion

Mr Guite questions atheists over their claim that religion and God are matter of faith while atheism is scientific and rationale.

19 May 2017 1:13 AM

Lisbeth Salander returns with a vengeance

The first three books, penned by the late Stieg Larsson, sold 80 million copies in 50 countries.

12 May 2017 2:08 AM

Afghan diplomat’s account of Soviet invasion

According to him, it is very hard to know the real life stories of the people unless one hears these from them.

12 May 2017 2:02 AM

Book review: Decoding the anatomy of black money

In this short, kindle-size book of 112 pages, the author manages to bring out many interesting facets of black money in India

07 May 2017 2:35 AM


Book review: Analysing marriage in contemporary India

Family law has grown beyond the boundaries of marriage, divorce , maintenance and child custody and support.

05 May 2017 12:14 AM

Book review: Keeping the romance of train travel alive

The book maps the trials and tribulations of the growth of the rail network.

30 Apr 2017 2:14 AM

Book review: Rediscovering a master storyteller

Despite spending most of his adult life in Europe, Ghose’s fictional world remained the India of his childhood.

30 Apr 2017 2:11 AM

Book review: Forge a bond with animals and nature

The theme of the books is perfect for the age groups of seven and eight.

23 Apr 2017 2:08 AM

Book review: Is Modi the new midas?

The relationship with India’s neighbours, other than China and Pakistan, in the Modi era also needed to be placed under the microspcope.

14 Apr 2017 2:18 AM


Book review: A foray into a golfer’s mind

20 years ago, Tiger Woods burst on a scene with a recordbreaking perofrmance that ignited a career that changed the face of golf.

14 Apr 2017 2:12 AM

Book review: Jinnah’s Pakistan failed him and how

This book ought to be compulsory reading for those who take an interest in Pakistan.

02 Apr 2017 2:04 AM

Book review: From kushti to wrestling, one bout at a time

The soft ending is expectedly with Gobor Goho, one of Bengal’s and the country’s finest wrestlers.

26 Mar 2017 3:55 AM

Book review: None of the pleasure, all of the guilt

For a woman of Menon’s stature to go all out endorsing patriarchy is disheartening in the least.

19 Mar 2017 2:04 AM

Book review: A good idea lost in translation

The fictional Kasturba largely skims past the important stuff.

19 Mar 2017 1:58 AM