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‘Operation Banana’: Rajasthan police force-feed thief fruits to recover snatched chain

The snatcher was fed more than a dozen bananas and two papayas and waited for him to defecate to recover the chain.

22 Aug 2019 3:10 PM

Beware: Bananas are on the brink of extinction

As devastating tropical disease spreads across crops worldwide, researchers warn that the popular fruit could soon go off tables.

06 Jul 2018 5:50 PM

Want to remember your dreams? Try taking vitamin B6

This study suggests that vitamin B6 may be one way to help people have lucid dreams.

01 May 2018 1:56 PM

Scientists create ice cream that doesn't drip

The melt-resistant recipe is made using fibres from banana skins.

28 Mar 2018 12:56 PM

Banana most common safe word used by couples during sadomasochistic sex

Other popular options include pineapple, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson as well as US President Donald Trump.

16 Feb 2018 1:36 PM


J&K: Banana pushes its way with biotechnology

The initiative is a joint endeavour of IIIM and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Jammu and CP, Ahmedabad.

02 Dec 2017 6:11 AM

Find out ways win which to recycle banana peel

We list ways in which skin of banana can be used for various purposes, including skin care.

16 Oct 2017 10:42 AM

Potassium in bananas and avocados could prevent heart attacks and strokes: Study

Previous research showed that stiff and hard arteries increase a person's risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

07 Oct 2017 4:08 PM

TGI Fridays brings a whole lot of freakishness with new shakes

TGI Fridays introduces an all new range of milk shakes to its menu that are overindulgent and amazing. We share a recipe as well.

25 Aug 2017 2:59 PM

Ten food items that help boost your sex life

Lacklustre sex or one that ends before it properly begins is not ideal.We share a list of food that might help you achieve more in bed.

31 Jul 2017 10:49 AM