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China's first cargo spacecraft docks with orbiting Tiangong-2 space lab

Beijing’s goal is to establish a permanently manned space station by 2022

22 Apr 2017 12:27 PM

Mobile subscriber base reaches 895.25 mn in March

The numbers include those of the latest entrant, Reliance Jio Infocomm as of December 2016

22 Apr 2017 12:27 PM

Spacewalk a success for French, US astronauts

The goal for Friday's outing was to prepare for the installation of the second of two parking spots for space taxis

25 Mar 2017 12:54 PM

Spacewalking astronauts prep station for new parking spot

The 250-mile-high complex already has one docking port in place for the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Boeing Starliner

25 Mar 2017 8:08 AM

NASA weighing risk of adding crew to megarocket's 1st flight

The objective is to speed up a manned mission; under the current plan, astronauts wouldn't climb aboard until 2021.

25 Feb 2017 8:00 AM


NASA displays Apollo capsule hatch 50 years after fatal fire

A flash fire erupted inside the capsule during a countdown rehearsal, with the astronauts atop the rocket.

26 Jan 2017 9:23 AM

Last of seven US space samurais dies

John Glenn was first American to orbit Earth, one of the 7 Mercury astronauts.

10 Dec 2016 6:27 AM

New exhibit stars NASA's earliest, greatest astronauts

Thirty astronauts, three of them moonwalkers, took part in the outdoor ceremony, including two who had extra reason to celebrate.

12 Nov 2016 9:49 AM