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Air purifier deployed at Taj Mahal to tackle pollution

Pollution around the white marble mausoleum has been a cause of concern for a long time as it has been damaging the monument.

04 Nov 2019 10:09 AM

Air pollution continues its choking grip on Delhi, flights delayed due to visibility

People residing in neighbouring areas complained of eye irritation and suffocation due to deteriorating air quality.

03 Nov 2019 11:32 AM

Tips to survive Delhi’s choking air pollution

Delhi air quality turns hazardous: Here's how to survive the choking pollution.

02 Nov 2019 5:55 PM

Black carbon from traffic exhausts elevates chances of stroke

According to a recent study traffic exhaust found to increase risk of stroke.

01 Nov 2019 10:23 AM

Air pollution has negative effect on heart rate variability

Here's what happens to infants born to mothers breathing polluted air.

30 Oct 2019 12:25 PM


As air quality falls, experts say avoid morning, evening walks

They also advised that schools should avoid outdoor assemblies, sports activities, and other physical activities in the early morning hours.

29 Oct 2019 1:00 AM

Indian students develop apps to tackle women's safety and air pollution, win big

Rakshak, tha app, detects speech patterns via the audio microphone of the user’s smartphone and detects audio snippets requesting help.

21 Oct 2019 4:46 PM

Air quality in Delhi improves drastically

Delhi's overall air quality improves to 'moderate' category.

21 Oct 2019 1:18 PM

Deodorant and makeup can elevate pollution level indoors

Studies reveal that deodorant, breathing is polluting office space.

18 Oct 2019 11:25 AM

How do deodorants, make-up affect work space?

Deodorant, breathing are polluting office space, finds study.

16 Oct 2019 6:00 PM


Breathing beautifully

The Delhi Government recently tried to address the capital’s ongoing pollution crisis by adding vertical plants under flyovers.

11 Oct 2019 11:33 PM

Can aspirin control damage caused by air pollution?

Aspirin might decrease harm caused by air pollution.

09 Oct 2019 4:26 PM

‘Polluted’ Thane needs action plan

According to MPCB data, Thane district has the highest number of highly polluted industries in the state.

23 Aug 2019 6:25 AM

Air pollution from cars can cause this eye disease

A degenerative eye disease has been linked to heavy air pollution from cars.

21 Aug 2019 1:26 PM

Transport emission highest

Emissions from transport (16.4 per cent) and industry (15 per cent) have been found to be the primary contributors to PM2.5 levels in the city.

07 Aug 2019 2:45 AM


Beware of degrading indoor air quality

Green designs for buildings are an alternative to better the air quality inside the buildings.

01 Aug 2019 4:10 PM

Hypertension on the rise in Indian women due to air pollution

Air pollution in India linked to increased hypertension risk in women: Study.

27 Jun 2019 10:27 AM

1 lakh kids under 5 yrs of age die of air pollution each yr: Study

Risk higher for girls as 9.6 out of 10,000 die due to bad air: CSE report.

06 Jun 2019 6:29 AM

Initiative to cut capital’s air pollution

Experts highlighted how much each individual on average contributes to air pollution.

05 Jun 2019 5:38 AM

India’s deadly gas chamber

Around four million of the approximately seven million people who die from air pollution-related diseases every year live in the Asia-Pacific region.

05 Jun 2019 12:31 AM