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adult doll

Men who watch too much porn prefer to have sex with robots rather than real women

The boss of a firm manufacturing sex dolls admits that a major reason for the success of their product is people watching too much porn.

23 Feb 2018 5:18 PM

Firm introduces sex robots modelled after popular porn stars

. The droids have the exact same body structure and voice as the porn actresses.

29 Jan 2018 12:40 PM

Male sex robots with bionic penises likely to be available in markets this year

The male version of sex robots are being brought out by Matt McMullen who has created relaistic female sex robots.

08 Jan 2018 2:36 PM

Man has sex with a doll, takes her out for dinner and his wife doesn't mind

The 58-year-old man got into a relationship with the doll when his wife was taking care of her mother.

24 Nov 2017 6:55 PM

Sex robots with three breasts and cat's tail may soon be available in the market

Pornstar Harriet SugarCookie revealed this after her visit to a factory in California.

22 Nov 2017 5:39 PM


Inventor behind one of world's first sex robots says he can have children with them

Sergio Santos claims that his invention Silicon Samantha has helped improve his marriage.

24 Oct 2017 2:53 PM

Following success of outlet in Austria, Germany gets its first sex doll only brothel

Every doll is booked 12 times a day with customers paying close to Rs 7000 an hour.

19 Oct 2017 5:29 PM

40 percent British people say sex with robot behind partner's back isn't cheating

An overwhelming majority of people stated that it would be ethically wrong to harm a robot.

25 Aug 2017 8:07 PM

Popularity of sex robot at brothel causes owners to spend on another doll

The sex doll they have is so popular that men prefer her more than real women working at the brothel.

23 Aug 2017 8:36 PM

Now sex robots are being made to look like dead wives of customers

The firm has launched robots that can be customised and men are asking for lookalikes of their deceased partners as well as celebrities.

22 Aug 2017 6:44 PM


Woman trying to become human sex doll spends Rs 8 lakh on enhancements

Cindy Moore has undergone a boob job and says she may get another one as she also plans to lose more weight for a more extreme look.

21 Aug 2017 2:14 PM