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Jawed Naqvi Page-5

Kejriwal rises even when he loses

The more Kejriwal’s rivals throw muck at him, the cleaner he looks.

19 Apr 2017 1:51 AM

Will the real Rahul Gandhi stand up?

The Congress has the bulk of the votes from the Opposition’s kitty.

12 Apr 2017 2:46 AM

Why not give CJI a chance to mediate in Ayodhya row?

A secular court must ideally protect everyone’s religious beliefs as well as the right to remain aloof from all of them.

05 Apr 2017 2:48 AM

Can Congress, Left get their act together as 2019 looms?

The Congress must evict the agents of the moneybags known to surround its leadership.

29 Mar 2017 2:43 AM

Why the fuss about Trump and Russia?

Trump’s criticism of his country’s savagery has been at par with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the priest who baptised Obama’s children.

08 Mar 2017 1:58 AM


How Tehran got Reagan elected US Prez in 1980

Claims about Putin helping Trump defeat Hillary are passé even if true.

18 Jan 2017 1:12 AM

Why have India’s Reds now lost their wit?

Ziaul Hasan suggests their propensity for sectarianism as a big but not the only reason.

11 Jan 2017 1:07 AM

Remembering Safdar Hashmi in today’s India

Safdar was fatally assaulted on New Year’s Day in 1989 while performing a street play for mill workers near Delhi.

04 Jan 2017 2:32 AM

There’s a little bit of Buddhism in everything

Any number of lines by Ghalib are infused with Buddhist meditation that may pass for Sufi influence.

21 Dec 2016 12:31 AM

The missing Buddhist trick

Vipassana is Gautama Buddha’s technique for self-awareness, harmonising life with nature’s law of impermanence or anichhya.

30 Nov 2016 3:19 AM